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Januray 7, 2008
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What Does It Mean To Be Free: Event

Monday, November 9th, St. Paul
6:30 pm
October 28, 2009

As the freedom-robbing and economy-destroying health care bills work their way through Congress, Citizen's Council on Health Care (CCHC) has been a national leader in standing for liberty-preserving and free market alternatives.  EdWatch has been proud to partner with them on the state and federal levels to work against government home visiting programs.  These odious programs, included in both the House and Senate health care "reform" bills, send government workers into homes to gather data on every member and every aspect of the family while presuming to tell parents how to parent, mentally screen their children and "help" them become dependent on multiple government programs.  More details will be forthcoming shortly.
One way you can be involved in fighting for the your liberty to continue making health care and child raising decisions for you and your children without government interference is to support CCHC's fight against these health care bills by attending this event below.  The speaker, a former member of the Hitler Youth, will explain how fragile freedom is and what we must do to maintain it.  EdWatch will have a table at this wonderful event where you can obtain the latest information on home visiting programs and other important information.       
Please note that the pre-registration deadline has been extended to this Saturday October 31st.  
Thank you.
November 9th, 2009
Crowne Plaza St Paul -- Riverfront
   6:00 pm  Registration
   6:30 pm  Dinner Seating
   6:45 pm  Dinner 
   7:15 pm  Program
Special Guest Speaker
Maria Anne "Hansi" Hirschmann:
   Former Nazi youth leader;
   Naturalized American citizen;
   Popular speaker around the world.
Register details here.
Call: Cheryl at 763-242-5618.


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