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Januray 7, 2008
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Curriculum Modules Coming in January 

December 2008
Dear Friend of EdWatch, 
Once again, EdWatch is breaking new educational ground! My name is Allen Quist, and EdWatch has asked me to oversee an exciting new project.
EdWatch exists to help our nation's parents and schools provide the best possible education for our kids.To further that goal, EdWatch is launching a bold new program. To be specific, EdWatch will be creating curriculum modules that can be incorporated into a wide variety of classes. We will continue to do everything we have been doing, but we are also going to produce curriculum modules that can be accessed and downloaded without cost from our website. These modules can then be used by public schools, private schools, home schools, parents and anyone who wants accurate and vital information.
A little about myself-I began my career as a college professor 40 years ago. I served three terms in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1982 to 1988. As a three-term member of the Education Committee, I played a key role in legalizing home schooling in Minnesota. I was also chief author of the bill that created the Minnesota Department of Jobs and Training. I have written five books, the last three dealing with education policy. While I still work as a college professor part-time, my primary calling is doing research, writing and speaking for EdWatch.
Part of my task is to ensure that the curriculum modules meet the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism. This responsibility is nothing new at EdWatch. Our website receives a million hits annually. Because of this high visibility, we have always taken great care to be totally accurate.  
There are many reasons why EdWatch is taking this ambitious new step. One reason is this-there is a wealth of exciting new information to which teachers and students need ready access. Much of this information, however, will never be included in textbooks because it contradicts the politically-correct worldviews that textbooks now religiously follow.
One such module, for example, will feature the three recently discovered ancient maps-information that would revolutionize our understanding of world history if the education cartel were willing to include it. One such map is the Orontius Finnaeus map of the globe. (A picture of a portion of this map is included in this letter.)
The Orontius Finnaeus map was drawn by and named for the well-known mathematician and cartographer (map-maker) in 1531. This map and two others like it drawn by other cartographers, were largely based on source-maps, some of which go back to the time of Alexander the Great (350 BC). Even though there is no serious question about the authenticity of these maps, this map and two others like it made by different map-makers are not likely to be included in history and geography textbooks-the reason being that the map contradicts sacred-cow theories and worldviews held by the education establishment including the fallacy of global warming.
Some of the source maps pre-date Columbus by some 2,000 years. The maps show South America, Africa, Antarctica, Madagascar, and even Australia in amazing detail! As you can see from the Finnaeus map, the coastline and at least some of the interior of Antarctica were ice-free at the time some of the source maps were drawn. Obviously people were sailing to these continents and islands long before the time of Columbus, and sailors and cartographers were mapping the lands they traveled to, and traded with, in great detail and accuracy. These sailors and cartographers could very well have been ancient Phoenicians since this advanced civilization made ships that were superior to those of Columbus, and did so 2,000 years before Columbus set sail for America. 
This means the Earth was much warmer then as compared to today-that is, the globe was much warmer long before fossil fuels were being used! This occurred not all that long ago, perhaps 2500 years or so. The theory that global temperature changes are the result of carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels is seriously challenged, "disproven" might be a better word, by this and the other maps.
Other fascinating questions include: Did people live in Antarctica? Were they there at the time of Alexander? How were the Americas initially populated? Maps like that of Orontius Finnaeus can provide us with great important information in dealing with questions like these.

I have included this abbreviated information on one of the ancient maps to give you a glimpse of what the curriculum modules will be like. They will include numerous pictures, charts and materials that can be downloaded and placed into power-point slides or that can simply be assigned to students and accessed through the internet. A wealth of other carefully-researched information along with lesson plans, sample test questions and references including websites and printed materials will be provided. A list of the modules we intend to have ready during 2009 is include with this mailing and EdWatch is also planning a second series of modules to be posted in 2010. All the information a teacher needs to teach this unit will be readily accessible on our EdWatch.org website for free!
We want to make this vital information readily available to home schools, private schools, public schools, parents, students-anyone who is interested. Education organizations typically sell their curriculum; we want to make our curriculum modules available free of charge! The reason is obvious-more people will use information that is free. To do so, however, we need your help. We need your donations to enable us to make this critical information easily available for free and in a form that is user-friendly.
This project really amounts to giving our citizens access to exciting and highly significant new information that current textbooks are censoring out.It is time our children have all the accurate and up-to-date information necessary to evaluate the politically-correct, but often inaccurate, teachings of our day. We believe that with your help, EdWatch can make it happen! 
We believe that the importance of these curriculum modules, that can easily be included in various classes, cannot be overstated. Do you want to make a real difference in American education? A real difference for what is good and true? Here is your opportunity! EdWatch will do the rest!

Allen Quist (EdWatch volunteer)               
P.S. Being a partner with EdWatch may be the most important commitment you can make to rescue America. Please click here to support our efforts with a tax deductible contribution.
Proposed modules for 2009
 (all stated as questions)
Unit I. Whatever Became of Truth?
  1. What is now known about Haeckel's embryos, and why is information that is known to be fraudulent still presented in textbooks as fact?
  2. What is postmodernism, and does this influential worldview explain, in part, why textbook writers are willing to sacrifice the truth to promote their ideology?

Unit II. Exciting New Discoveries in Ancient History, Archeology and Geography
  1. What are the newly discovered ancient maps and why are they significant?
  2. What were the Phoenician sailing ships of 2500 years ago like, and were they capable of sailing to the Americas?
  3. How extensive were the Viking settlements in Greenland and North America 1,000 years ago, and was Greenland green at that time?
  4. Did dinosaurs and people live at the same time, and why do so many recently discovered ancient art works accurately picture dinosaurs?
  5. How should we interpret the numerous references in ancient literature to dinosaurs (called "dragons" before 1850 AD), and what are the creatures described in Job chapters 40 and 41?
  6. What is the Shroud of Turin, and is it authentic? 

Unit III. Darwinism Today 

  1. What is the significance of Darwin's finches?
  2. What is the status of various examples of irreducible complexity, and have these examples been explained in Darwinian terms?
  3. How has Darwinism influenced American law and culture?

Orontius Finnaeus map

Orontius Finnaeus map

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