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Januray 7, 2008
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ALERT: Environmental Education bill RESCHEDULED

September 13 Update:

The No Child Left Inside Act, HR 3036, is now rescheduled for Tuesday, September 16th It was pulled from the House legislative calendar last week.

September 12, 2008
Thanks to your good work and to end-of-session chaos, HR 3036, The No Child Left Inside Act, has been pulled from the legislative calendar for the US House, at least for this week.  However, it may appear again before adjournment, which is projected to be September 26th. 
While this is good news, we must not let down our guard.  The bill could come back as early as Monday, September 15th.  We have at least a few more days to contact our US House members to make our views known about this further unconstitutional attempt to expand the federal role in education and indoctrinate our children with Al Gore style environmental propaganda.  The current government induced energy crisis will only be made worse if children are taught they must oppose exploring and developing America's own energy sources.
Unfortunately there is also the possibility that HR 3036 will be slipped into a large spending bill either before adjournment in September or after the election in a "lame duck" session, so vigilance is required.
Some key points:
  • Nothing in HR 3036 teaches the view that America should tap its own energy resources in an environmentally responsible way.
  • If we're serious about American students being globally competitive, schools need to concentrate on academic basics, not inject one-sided environmentalism into every area of academic study or consume precious class time recycling and engaging in politicized community activism.
  • We don't need yet another expansion of federal power, with Washington insiders deciding for schools what latest controversial environmental fad must be in their education standards and teacher training. 
  •  The requirements for material produced under HR 3036 to be scientifically accurate and non-political are unverifiable and unenforceable. 
  • "Environmental justice" and "self-esteem" are completely non-academic political and psychological concepts that cannot and should not be taught or tested.
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