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February 2, 2008

Federal Education
More Suggested Caucus Resolutions

Where is your caucus meeting?

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Precinct caucuses are coming up Tuesday evening, February 5th,at 7:00 PM

As we pointed out in our last alert, showing up at precinct caucuses on Tuesday, February 5th at 7 PM in Minnesota (find your precinct here) is very important, both to defend important education freedom planks in the platform and to suggest resolutions to strengthen educational freedom.  The caucuses are the first step toward getting these important principles included in national party platforms, not only in Minnesota, but also in other states that are involved in caucuses on Super Tuesday, February 5th, and later.


Here are some more resolutions to add to those we suggested in our last alert.  These deal specifically with federal education legislation, namely No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Head Start:


1)      We oppose the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind and support legislation, such as the House version of the A-PLUS Act and the LEARN Act to return control of education to its constitutionally proper place as a state and local function.  We also support state efforts to withdraw from No Child Left Behind.  (Background: NCLB has produced unprecedented federal intrusion into education, which is not a constitutional role of the federal government. It has led to a drastic lowering of academic standards in order to comply with massive un-funded federal mandates and regulations for 100% proficiency for all students that many state and federal officials and scholars have admitted is impossible to achieve. Most concerning, however is the imposition of a federal curriculum that is contrary to American principles of freedom and free enterprise and sound academics.  A-PLUS and LEARN are federal bills that break the iron grip of federal control of our schools.   See our alerts here, here, and here.)


2)      We oppose the imposition of a federal preschool curriculum for Head Start and other state early childhood programs . We support the removal of subjective, controversial, non-academic outcomes that deal with gender issues, family structure diversity, mental health, multiculturalism, environmentalism, and careers from both state and federal outcomes.  (Background:  Examples of these vague, outcomes from the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework include: "Progresses in understanding similarities and respecting differences among people, such as genders, race, special needs, culture, language, and family structures." These outcomes are being merged with radical K-12 outcomes to form a seamless system of controversial required curriculum content from preschool through high school.  See our alerts here and here.)


Thank you for your involvement.  Remember-the world belongs to those who show up.


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