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July 23, 2007

What happened:
"Speech and Thought Crimes" Plan

        Senator Ted Kennedy announced he would attempt to add to the Defense spending bill. Kennedy and co-sponsor Sen. Gordon Smith call it a "hate crimes" amendment. Since all crimes are inspired by hate, the amendment is actually a speech crimes bill. It mandates federal involvement and extra criminal penalties for speech and thought against specially protected groups, such as homosexuals. (See details.)

        Students are bombarded with messages that promote homosexuality and more. Last April, some schools suspended students who objected to the pro-homosexual advocacy of the Day of Silence. (See "Boycott Day of Silence," and " Students punished for opposing 'gay' advocacy"). This legislation is nothing less than an attempt to silence dissent. What happened?

        The amendment was filed but never brought to a vote. A filibuster was taking place against the bill over efforts by Democrat leaders to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. Ultimately, unable to overcome opposition to the pull-out, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled the bill, including the potential of the Kennedy/Gordon speech crimes amendment.

         Lawmakers were receiving phone calls and emails against the amendment at a rate of 5-to-1. 

         It is possible that the defense bill including the speech crime amendment will not be brought up before the Senate August adjournment. However, the misnamed Human Rights Campaign, which is the largest homosexual advocacy organization, has this to say:
"Our Congressional allies-including Senate leadership-remain committed to getting a vote on hate crimes this year. Senators Kennedy and Smith continue to look for ways to advance this crucial legislation. We can use this delay to energize and mobilize our grassroots advocacy to strengthen support for hate crimes. HRC along with coalition allies continues to make sure that our voices are heard. We encourage everyone to keep up the momentum to make the upcoming vote as strong as possible."
HRC then uged its readers to "Continue to call and write your senators."

        Here is a sample statement from one Senator in defense of his implied support of the speech crimes bill:  " I am appalled by violent crimes that victimize people based on personal characteristics like race or religion."

        Notice that this Senator assumes moral legitimacy of homosexuality by setting it along side constitutionally protected freedom of religion and racial characteristics. Notice also that his being appalled by violent crimes apparently doesn't extend to victims of all violent crimes, only those based on personal characteristics. Why is this a federal crime, while other crimes are not? And are crimes against homosexuals increasing? No, they are not.

        The Senator goes on to say, "After speaking with law enforcement officials around the state, it became clear that they need additional resources to prevent and prosecute these crimes."  Why are these crimes of greater priority than a violent crime against my neighbor? And why should federal agencies be called in?

        So-called "hate crimes" laws are already being used to silence opposition to normalizing homosexuality. Note our update for specific examples.

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