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April 27, 2007


Freedom & Family Coalition Lobby Day a Success!
First Coalition Action


April 27, 2007 -- The Freedom & Family Coalition buttons (see above) were visible all around the St. Paul Capitol on Thursday, April 26th. The Freedom & Family Coalition Lobby Day drew an energetic, sign-waving crowd to the Capitol Rotunda to briefly rally and then spread out across the Capitol, each choosing which issues to discuss with their legislators. The crowd was warmly received by legislative speakers, who included Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem, House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, Assistant Minority Leader Tom Emmer, Senator Warren Limmer, Rep. Sondra Erickson, and Rep. Dan Severson.

Rep. Seifert told the crowd that the majority in the legislature today believe they can do whatever they want, and he reminded them that the public is not with them on these radical policies.

Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Council, Twila Brase from the Citizens' Council on Health Care, Dr. Karen Effrem from EdWatch, Carol White from Parents Speak Out, Jeff Davis from the newly formed Minnesota Majority, and Jeff Shell & Lee Michaels representing KKMS Radio all spoke briefly at the rally. Erick Kaardal of Mohrman & Kaardal, P.A MC'd the event.

EdWatch's Dr. Effrem called the 2007 legislation a "massive assault on our freedoms and our families." She described the flawed Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress which are the basis of the preschool assessments: state-defined childhood outcomes that are the old and rejected Profile of Learning curriculum for preschoolers. They include teaching 3-year olds gender identity, social activism, and environmentalism. Effrem also noted the massive expansion of invasive home visiting programs that evaluate and collect data on parenting skills based on those controversial state outcomes.

Carol White of the north Minneapolis Parents Speak Out reminded the crowd, as well as the legislators and staff gathered around the balcony above the Rotunda that these are not partisan issues. "I am not a Republican," she stated. "The African American community made the mistake of thinking that government would help them become independent. They were wrong. Government is taking our children away from us." White is a former Minneapolis School Board member and has been active this session opposing policies that violate the parental rights of families, arbitrarily remove minority children from their homes, target their children for psychological screening, put their children on dangerous prescription drugs.

A briefing and lobby training preceded the rally, at which issues were discussed and legislators' voting records and talking points were distributed. [Voting records will be posted on our website.] EdWatch issues focused on opposition to universal psychiatric screening and over-drugging, the Nanny-state take-over of early childhood parenting, and the "womb to tomb" home visiting programs that undermine parental autonomy and authority. The EdWatch briefing described the huge new and expensive early childhood entitlement (called "allowances") in the Senate bill that monitors and certifies all providers according to the guidelines of the controversial Early Learning Indicators. She described a new bureaucracy ("Hubs") in the House bill that puts every aspect of early childhood and family life under government control and breeds government dependency.

The Minnesota Family Council included information about the new state mandate for graphic and offensive Comprehensive Sex Education in its briefing materials. The Citizens' Council on Health Care included information about important family and individual data privacy issues.

One Lobby Day participant described the day by saying, "I now know where everything is here, how to make appointments, and how to talk to my legislators. I can come here again on my own with some of my neighbors and friends. I can do this."

The Freedom & Family Coalition was put together only a few short weeks ago in response to numerous alarming legislative bills that are passing through the legislature on an array of issues that represent a new level of attack on Minnesota citizens and families. All agreed that the April 26th Lobby Day was just the beginning of a long-term strategic commitment to oppose this dangerous development in Minnesota.

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