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April 14, 2007

EdWatch Featured at Tax Cut Rally
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 Renee T. Doyle

I just want to thank you so much for coming here today. And thank you, Jason, for bringing us here. You are a great American!

But first, I have a message for you from Senator Larry Pogemiller. This is what it says.
"In the last four years, you have stopped me from passing my personal legislative agenda. You even took away my baby, the 'Poge-Profile of Learning.'  It's payback time. Now that I am calling the shots, I am going to pass the single largest government entitlement in years, and I am going to make you pay dearly for it."
Ladies and gentlemen of Minnesota, Sen. Larry Pogemiller did not give me that piece of paper, but that is the message that he is sending us. He is thumbing his nose at Minnesota citizens while he totally cuts them out of the legislative process and pushes forward his radical education agenda. To fund it, he is proposing a gigantic tax increase that affects everyone and increases every year to come. That is why EdWatch is at this rally today. We are here to tell you what all this money is going to pay for.

S.F. 1611 is Sen. Pogemiller's "dream come true" Democrat education bill that passed the Senate on March 31, 2007. But, don't be fooled by their media ads. It is not about "properly funding our current educational system." But do be terrified when he says, "It is time for our generation to 'Do their fair share.' "

This bill is a collection of new education policies with a choking tax increase included to pay for it. Aside from the fact that two subjects in one bill is illegal, put this bill in your pipe, and this is the smoke that comes out, just under a billion dollar tax increase for 2008 and 2009!

So what are those new education policies? Sen. Pogemiller has been doing the Hokey "Poge" again and has come up with his new illegitimate offspring, the Early Childhood Education Act. The total cost of the Profile of Learning was pabulum compared to the pound of flesh that this mammoth entitlement is going to take out of every single taxpayer in this state!

By giving every family in Minnesota an entitlement of between $200 and $4000 per pre-school child every year, the government will take over all early childhood education, public, private, and religious. The lower your income, the more money per child, your provider gets. Get this, even Grandma or your neighbor can be paid if they are willing to teach and follow government "outcomes." There is NO money for children that go to a provider that chooses not to promote government's philosophies and values.

How deep is this money pit? If we do not stop this tax-funded entitlement from passing, three more laws of entitlement will kick into effect: Sen. Pogemiller couldn't get his Profile of Learning to fly for grades K-12, so he is back and more determined than ever to catch our children falling out of the womb. I have spoken to this man, personally. I know what he is all about. And if this education and tax bill is not stopped, we will pay for it with our pocketbooks and with our children.

Did you know that "new education policies" also include psychiatric screening from infancy on, and universal home visitation? Now I don't know about you, but when my legislators were campaigning last fall, I didn't ask them to make laws that would allow government to run my family, screen my kids for mental illness, visit me within hours of bringing home my baby home from the hospital, and pay me to leave my children with the state.  And I certainly didn't ask for a big tax increase to pay for it! Can everyone say NO MORE "Hokey Poge?" Altogether now ... "NO MORE HOKEY POGE!"

But here is the good news! We have seen how effective a grassroots movement can be. EdWatch and friends like Jason Lewis, with the help of state lawmakers like, now-Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and many of you, were able to get the Profile of Learning repealed. But it took five years to do it. We cannot let this Nanny State legislation pass! It will never go away.

Coming together today is creating a firestorm. But, there is no one at the building behind me today to talk to. You have to come back! You have to call! We have to create the biggest backlash Sen. Larry has ever seen! You have to stay on fire to the end, and EdWatch is here to fan you all the way! Come to our Freedom and Family Coalition Lobby Day, on April 26, and go to our websites EdWatch. org and EdAction. org. for more information. Remember this tax increase might be in an education bill, but it is not about education at all. It is about indoctrination, massive spending, and government becoming mom and dad.

I have another message for you. It is from all the children of this state, especially our very youngest. They would like to thank you for being their voice, for not bankrupting their future, and for protecting their minds and their freedom.
Thank you.

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