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April 2, 2007

EdWatch President Speaks Out!
Dear Friends,
If you thought that the Profile of Learning was a radical take-over of our schools, our children and our lives, then allow me to introduce you to the mother of all radical agendas, this year's education agenda at our state capitol. It makes the Profile of Learning look like child's play.

These are the "tions" that describe exactly the plan for our schools, children, families, and child care providers. The Profile of Learning took over fifteen years to develop in such a way that through school and community partnerships every segment of our lives and the lives of our children would be controlled by the government. When it was defeated in Minnesota in 2003, it was a tragic blow to the societal transformers who had so carefully constructed and coiffed it. NOW IT IS BACK!
Next year, it will be ten years since EdWatch (formerly the Maple River Education Coalition) blew the whistle on the Profile of Learning. I am sorry to say and madder than ever that we must sound the siren again! Last time, they met us head-on with one encompassing piece of legislation that authorized the Profile, because they expected no resistance and they thought they were totally below the citizen radar. Were they ever surprised and defeated when Minnesotans soon found out about it through EdWatch. But, this time, the radicals are being much more careful. They have regrouped using a different military strategy: divide and conquer.
Right now a new Goliath Profile of Learning is being piecemealed together through our state Capitol with almost no resistance at all. It is being done bill by bill. The parts move in and out of constantly changing legislation. A few get amended out, then wait in the wings for possible re-insertion later. Here are just some of the outrageous pieces that have been introduced: GOOD GRIEF!
Some of the details in the curriculums of the programs offered by these bills are so disgusting that it makes us physically ill to review them. Many times, we have to stop, and take breaks and a deep breath to be able to go on. They are just so bad!  For instance, the Comprehensive Sex Ed curriculum no longer allows the use of the word, "intercourse" because it suggests male/female sex. There are now three kinds of sex: anal, oral, and vaginal, and "abstinence" means refraining from only vaginal sex. It would be illegal to say anything derogatory or critical of the homosexual lifestyle including the health consequences. It is to be taught as "normal." You have all the details if you want to read them for yourself on our website, if you can stomach them. Or you can take our word for it, that there has NEVER been anything as bad as the agenda that is being rolled out this legislative session!

 TAX CUT RALLY, April 14th
EdWatch is fighting multiple fronts and we really need people to take action.
Please join the Tax Cut Rally on April 14th at noon on the Capitol steps.
I will be the opening speaker at this rally to speak out with others
of our disgust at this bold attack on our families.
LOBBY DAY, April 26th
Please join us for the
Freedom and Family Coalition Lobby Day on Thursday, April 26th.

This is a battle that cannot be won swiftly. We must last longer than the enemy. We have everything to lose!
Please listen. Do you feel safe?  You shouldn't. Your family are being attacked at the Capitol right now, and you aren't even there to defend them. Your absence and your silence is what they are counting on to end your control over your own family.  Remember, they aren't going to fight this one like they did the last, and meet us head on. They plan to take us piece by piece, battle by battle, CHILD BY CHILD

We are going to be there every step of the way. We know that these bills are a frontal attack on our families

Renee T. Doyle
EdWatch President

105 Peavey Rd, Suite 116, Chaska, MN 55318
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