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October 2006

October EdWatch Conference Features
International Education, Psychological Testing
Julie M. Quist
            EdWatch tackled two education juggernauts at its 2006 conference in Bloomington, Minnesota on October 14th International Education and psychological testing of our kids. The first is found primarily in public schools, but also influences private and home schools. The second mandates its authority over all children, no matter where they're schooled.
            Kicking off the International Education segment, Michael Chapman, of EdWatch and American Heritage Research, took up the Global Classrooms curriculum, now in many classrooms around the country. Global Classrooms was hatched out of the United Nations Association of Minnesota. Its website states, "At the heart of UNA-USA's Global Classrooms program is Model United Nations." Global Classrooms unabashedly promotes world citizenship and a UN governance system. Check out its website.
            Allen Quist, author of FedEd and Americaís Schools, and Dave Eaton, former Minnetonka, Minnesota school board member, turned to the hot button International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Using IB documents as references, Quist set up the big picture IB and the UN partner in an international education system that promotes the United Nations, its governance system, and its action items, while undermining America's founding principles. IB invests millions in misleading advertising. 
            Dave Eaton followed with specifics, such as real IB costs. Reading requirements teach pantheism and New Age spiritualism, with authors such as Joseph Campbell and Carl Sagan who directly attack Christianity and the traditional western worldview.
            Three speakers addressed the ascent of psychological testing into the care and education of Americaís children: Dr. Karen Effrem (EdWatch, Alliance for Human Research Protection, ICSPP, and the National Physicians Center), Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA), and Carol White of African Americans Concerned Together. Universal psychological testing is a mushrooming mandate that will test, label, and frequently medicate children from infancy on.
            Larry Pratt described coalitions to stop universal psychological testing laws. Child mental health labeling, for example no matter how subjective, vague or scientifically invalid becomes an adult obstacle to owning a firearm. A coalition of groups in Texas, including EdWatch, Eagle Forum and GOA, barely defeated universal psychological testing legislation in Texas.
            Dr. Karen Effrem described state and federal laws merging universal psychological testing with radical preschool through K-12 outcomes, and routine medical visits. Using examples such as recent laws passed in Illinois and Indiana, she described the roadmap every state is facing and provided tools to challenge them.
            Carol White described the sordid history of minorities as guinea pigs for psychological labeling and treatment with dangerous prescription drugs. Carol issued a call for help in stopping a University of Minnesota Mental Health Research Center in the north Minneapolis neighborhood that will use minority children for more mental health research linking genetics with such things as criminal activity.
            Twila Brase, President of Citizensí Council on Health Care, rounded out the conference by describing merged health and education data collection systems. The databases now include genetic testing conducted at birth, stored on a ìprivateî component of birth certificates.  The information is available for research, without the consent of parents.

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