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COMPREHENSIVE MENU OF ISSUES is full of informative articles, links to radio interviews, links to newspaper articles, and links to other resource materials. Each update is also filed under its topic. EdWatch operates at the state, the national, and the federal levels. Top EdWatch issues are separated into categories called "National" (affecting all states) and "Minnesota" (reflecting Minnesota's specific concerns).

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    EdWatch: A Final Letter  November 30, 2010
EdWatch President Renee Doyle reviews the history, goals and accomplishments of EdWatch and then introduces Education Liberty Watch, a new organization with much the same mission. More on Education Liberty Watch will be posted soon.
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  Education in the Lame Duck Congress  November 19, 2010
According to EdWatch's congressional sources, the 2011 federal budget will most likely be packaged as a single omnibus bill, so Republicans would need to pass rescission bills to roll back excessive spending. Of particular interest are Race to the Top, 21th Century Community Learning Centers, Head Start, and Early Childhoold Challenge Grants. We need to stay informed in order to keep our elected officials accountable.
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  Kindergarten Readiness:  A Useless and Dangerous Concept  October 26, 2010
The claim that 50% of Minnesota Children were not prepared for kindergarden is based on vague criteria and subjective assessment methods. Distorted statics are then used to justify more big government programs, even though past initiatives have show no improvement in reading scores, or an actual decline. Multiple large studies of preschool programs have shown behavioral and emotional harm compared to children raised at home.
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  Are the Winds of Educational Freedom Blowing Towards Congree?   October 10, 2010
With the rise of TEA party movement and general voter anger at the overspending and the strangling control the federal government into  more and more aspects of our lives, it was quite encouraging to read a lengthy analysis on  of where federal education  policy is headed that included an interview  of Congressman John Kline (R-MN).
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  Citizens' Council on Heath Care Presents An Evening With Mark Steyn  October 9, 2010
Citizens's Council on Health Care, an organization that actively fights for health care freedom, patient privacy, and market oriented health care solutions, will be hosting a fundraising event at the Minneapolis Hilton on November 11, 2010.
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  Preschool Actually Harms Reading Achievement   September 30, 2010
None of the Minnesota gubernatorial candidates seem to understand the miserable failure of early childhood education in improving literacy or closing the achievement gap.  Unfortunately, this error is common. Despite a huge growth in the national average of roughly 20% to 70% of 4 year olds joining a pre-k program between 1965 and 2001, 4th grade reading, math and science scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP test) have remained basically flat over roughly that same period. Learn about what does work.
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  2010 Minnesota Primary Voter's Guide  August 6, 2010
EdWatch thought it would be helpful for voters in the 2010 primary election coming on August 10th to have an idea of the education and health votes of incumbent legislators that are facing primary challenges from within their own party.
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    Opposition to Federal Curriculum Helps Put Brakes on Race to the Top  June 1, 2010
As of May 19th, the state of Minnesota has finally and thankfully given up on its second round application for Race to the Top (RTTT). The Pawlenty administration and many Republicans are blaming Democrats and the statewide teachers' union for opposing reforms in teacher accountability such as alternative licensure, increased evaluations, performance pay, and tenure reform for the inability to proceed with the application. Less discussed or admitted, but far more important for liberty, sovereignty, and academic excellence was the strong and concerted opposition from the grassroots and freedom-minded legislators to centralization of control and the adoption of national standards, otherwise known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI).
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  Legislative Wrap-Up: Overall, Liberty Stands  May 19, 2010
The 2010 Minnesota legislative session will be known for what children, parents, and taxpayers were spared.  Thanks to you making your voices heard and the work of freedom-minded legislators, along with a big deficit and complex politics, Minnesota has been spared Race to the Top involvement, adoption of a dumbed down indoctrinating federal curriculum, mental health education, loss of the right to vote on levy extensions, and expansion of nanny state programs for our youngest children.
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  Global Education/Global Government at the Door   May 16, 2010
The worldwide financial crisis is being used as an excuse to create a global government. To that end, on April 26, 2010, the President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Cluade Trichet, delivered a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The primary institution of global governance, according to Trichet, will be the Global Economy Meeting (GEM), which regularly meets in Basel, Switzerland. I and others at EdWatch have pointed out on numerous occasions that education in America is being used as a tool for preparing our nation for global government. If global government becomes a reality, the United States will no longer be a free and independent nation but will rather be under the control of the global government body.
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  MN House Rejects Common Core, But Not Race to the Top  May 15, 2010
The omnibus K12 policy bill cleared the House floor very late on the night of May 11th.  The very good news is that there was little interest on either side of the aisle in adopting the Common Core Standards that we have been warning you about.  The bad news is that we all still need to continue educating legislators on the dangers of loss of sovereignty, the unfunded mandates, and the cradle to college control of our children that all go along with Race to the Top (RttT).
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  Senate Committee Adopts Core Standards  May 8, 2010
A valiant bipartisan effort to remove the Common Core Standards language from the Senate omnibus education policy bill was narrowly defeated on the evening of May 4th. This language was the same that was defeated and that we warned you about in the House bill last week. It would adopt the yet to be completed national standards by expedited rulemaking authority, meaning no public hearing, all to gain 20 points in the unconstitutional, sovereignty-robbing Race to the Top program. These national standards, especially because they are likely to become the basis for federal funding for No Child Left Behind, and as confirmed by many respected groups, such as the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Heartland Institute, will become a de facto federal government run curriculum.
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  House Committee Rejects Common Core and Race to the Top  April 30, 2010
As the House education bill was being crafted and debated, EdWatch is extremely glad to announce that both major Republican gubernatorial candidates (Rep. Tom Emmer and Rep. Marty Seifert) understand the freedom priorities of sovereignty, local control, and academic excellence. Both have signed on to the bill authored by Rep. Gene Pelowski and Senator David Hann -HF 3677/SF 3181 - to prohibit Minnesota's involvement in Race to the Top.
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  You're Invited May 6th  April 25, 2010
A Minnesota-based group called VOICES of Conservative Women contacted EdWatch about its upcoming education event. Sounds interesting, especially in light of the current Minnesota bills to adopt the Common Core Standards and to resist the federal Race to the Top education program. EdWatch will be there, and we'd LOVE to have you join us for the evening.
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  Horrific Common Core Standards Move Forward  April 22, 2010
The Common Core Standards (CCS) have finished the public comment phase and are now undergoing final revisions. There has been much criticism of them from individuals and groups, both parents and experts, across the country. The CCS is an absolute requirement for the Race to the Top (RTTT) federal grant program. The concerns of EdWatch are explained here in Dr. Effrem's testimony.
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  EdWatch Featured at the Milaca Tea Party  April 14, 2010
EdWatch's Dr. Karen Effrem will be one of the featured speakers at the Milaca Tax Day Tea Party.
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    Minnesota Legislators Resist Race to the Top  March 19, 2010
As the Common Core Standards have finally become available for public comment, resistance from all points on the political and philosophical spectrum to both Race to the Top and the imposition of national standards has increased.
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  Horrific Bills Continue Crable Control  March 16, 2010
Despite the horrible economy, enormous deficits, and boiling frustration with big government on the part of the electorate, the nanny state busy bodies in the legislature, state bureaucracies, and a cabal of progressive foundations are moving full speed ahead with implementing policies and laws to make parents irrelevant, destroy private childcare, and control every aspect of children's lives from birth to school entry.
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  "Parental Rights: It's Now or Never" -- Thursday, February 25, 2010  February 22, 2010
Mike Farris, Constitutional Lawyer, speaks at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, on February 25. At this event ponsored by the Minnesota Family Institute and the Association of Christian Home Educators, hear how the Supreme Court and our nation's lower counts are failing to hold parent rights to the same legal standard as fundamental rights like speech and press. Mike Farris describes three threats to parental rights and advocates passage of a federal parental rights amendment.
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  DFL Bills Promote Mental Health Curricula, Continue Child Care Takeover
       and Micromanage High School Counceling
February 20, 2010
Continuing the big government trend to spend money that neither the state nor federal governments have for ideas that are not only not at all needed, but are actually intrusive and harmful, a trio of bills will be heard in House education committees this week.
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  Race to The Top: Federal Control of Education On Steroids  February 5, 2010
The Obama administration quietly slipped in $4.35 billion of education funding into the stimulus bill passed last year for a program called Race to the Top (RTTT). RTTT has several components that are extremely dangerous to state sovereignty in education, parental rights to control the raising and education of our children, and privacy. Opposition to the many harmful components of RTTT should be raised in every state legislative, gubernatorial and congressional election contest in the nation.
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  Florida 10th Amendment Center: States rushing for "Race to the Top" federal funds.
 January 17, 2010
Florida 10th Amendment Center: Why are states rushing for "Race to the Top" federal funds? "One wonders why, then, so many states with healthy and robust tenth amendment and sovereignty movements are rushing to get their share of 'stimulus' education money offered  by the Obama administration and known as 'Race to the Top.' "
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  Home Visiting in Health Care Bills Promotes Government Intrusion into Homes  November 9, 2009
Among the MANY important reasons to oppose the health care "reform" bills now working their way through Congress are the efforts to expand home visiting programs and the mental screening of new mothers. The House bill, HR-3962, and Senate bill, S-1796, each seek to promote the mental screening of pregnant women and/or new mothers.
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  What Does IT Mean To Be Free: Event  October 28, 2009
One way you can be involved in fighting for the your liberty to continue making health care and child raising decisions is to support CCHC by attending the CCHC Freedom Dinner.  The speaker, a former member of the Hitler Youth, will explain how fragile freedom is and what we must do to maintain it.  EdWatch will have a table at this wonderful event where you can obtain the latest information on home visiting programs and other important information. The pre-registration deadline has been extended to Saturday, October 31.
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  Freedom 21 National Conference August 13-15 live over Internet  August 10, 2009
EdWatch is co-sponsoring the 10th Annual Freedom 21 National Conference. You can register online and watch is all from home.
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  Archeological Research on Vikings Disproves Global Warming  August 10, 2009
Recent archeological discoveries on the Viking settlements in Greenland, along with various historical records, disprove the theory of man-made global warming. This information is of utmost importance as Congress considers sweeping legislation intended to combat global warming supposedly caused by human activity.
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  Obama Administration To Impose Liberal UN Curriculum  July 29, 2009
The Obama administration's education reform efforts in its "$4.35 billion Race to the Top," will include "adopting internationally benchmarked education standards." These will be national standards keyed to international standards and will be incentivized to the states with federal "stimulus" dollars.  The only existing comprehensive "internationally benchmarked" education standards are those developed by UNESCO, the UN's education arm.
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  Ancient Map Disproves Global Warming  July 17, 2009
A recently discovered and publicized ancient map of the globe disproves the theory of man-made global warming. The enormous significance of the map has only now become apparent as Congress considers sweeping legislation intended to combat global warming supposedly caused by human activity.
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  EdWatch at 10th Annual Freedom21 Conference August 13 - 15th   July 4, 2009
The 10th Annual Freedom21 conference will be in Oklahoma City this year from August 13th through August 15th at the Sheraton Midwest City Hotel at the Reed Conference Center. EdWatch speakers Michael Chapman and Allen Quist will both be featured speakers again this year on education topics. The conference provides plenty of practical how-to's. This is a time to be informed, to be connected, to be active, and to become effective. Here's your opportunity.
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  Team Obama's Class Warfare Strategy   April 24, 2009
The current administration is has attacked single issue grassroots citizens as prone to becoming terrorists. That raises serious questions about freedom of thought and freedom of expression by all citizens in our country.
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  Case Against Preschool   March 31, 2009
Despite massive budget deficits, many states like Minnesota, are still trying to spend more on these wasteful, ineffective, and invasive programs.
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  Budget Hawks 2009   March 24, 2009
Join EdWatch at Budget Hawks on April 2nd in Minneapolis from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.
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  Nanny State on the March   March 22, 2009
Minnesota state government wants to expand its control in the raising and education of young children, take over private childcare, decrease parental choice, and spend more money it does not have on invasive and ineffective programs.
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  2010-2011 Budget Reduction Recommendations   February 25, 2009
EdWatch makes its recommendations for state budget reductions.
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    2009 EdWatch Education Policy and Budget Priorities  February 11, 2009
These are guiding federal and state legislative principles that can be effective building blocks for educational success as well as prudent fiscal management.
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  State Power Grab Over Private Preschool   February 9, 2009
Most citizens would recognize the anti-bias curriculum as a highly politicized curriculum which seeks to impose a particular ideological world-view upon children.
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  Action on Radical Early Childhood Bills   January 28, 2009
Despite a massive budget deficit and lack of evidence of effectiveness or support in the general population, liberals in both the House and Senate are attempting to implement a statewide Early Childhood quality rating system (QRS).  This is not about school readiness or academics. It's about indoctrinating our most vulnerable citizens with the ideology of the left. Learn about the many problems with SF 72, HF 40 and HF 246.
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