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Red Alert on Code Pink!
by Sharon Hughes
November 14, 2005

CODE PINK 's invasion on school campuses and recruitment offices this week with their "Not Your Soldier" & "National Stand Down" student days on November 17th & 18th is a disgrace! They have organized students across the country to stand up to say, "We are NOT YOUR SOLDIERS" - "We demand for our schools and communities to be military-free zones" on Thursday, and working together with the National Call for Nonviolent Resistance to stage a "Stand Down Day" at military recruiting stations on Friday.

Every red-blooded American aware of these activities should counter their efforts by getting this information out to as many people as possible, and if possible by showing up at the same recruiting stations to show support for our troops' efforts. And don't think they don't need it!

Just read what this young recruiting officer from southern California wrote to me in response to my previous article on the subject:

"I am currently stationed in Las Vegas, NV with the US Army recruiting command. I read your article and it proved to me that there are still those out there who see the change in Americas youth. As a recruiter I get all the static in the world, the problem is, it is from the youth. I support that students get involved in the political process. In fact its been proven that students that do get involved do better in school due to the fact that it takes dedication and hard work to do things of that nature. What truly bothers me is that these students that protest and disagree with the nations policies and involvement in the war on terrorism do not have all the facts. The only thing they know is what their parents want them to know. They have no real idea what is really going on but are fueled by opinions of others and not there own. I would love to debate with a student who really knows the facts. I swear if I hear one more you should pull the troops out of the war I'm going to snap. Like I really have a hand in the whole political process as far as this war goes. And where do people get the idea that if we stop recruiting and no soldiers are joining that they will stop a draft? I'm sorry if I am just running on. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you wrote and it warms my heart that someone out there wants to see this nation change its views and do its research."

Anti-war activists who belong to organizations such as CODE PINK, ANSWER, ANTI-WAR.COM, and the others, just don't get it (or don't care, because their leftist rose-colored glasses have blinded them) that passivity and appeasement never work with dictators and governments that want to take over the world. History has put a huge exclamation mark on that truth. And make no mistake, radical Islamic forces want to dominate the world!
What drives CODE PINK? For one thing -  Medea Benjamin, who heads the organization and is "a Castro-loving neo-communist and perennial anti-U.S.activist" as FrontPageMagazine describes her. She is also involved with the counter recruitment movement of the Ruckus Society, which she's worked with to provide training camps for teen counter-recruiters. By the way, the Ruckus Society is an off-shoot of the eco-terrorism group Earth First! Benjamin was also involved in organizing protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO) Seattle meeting in 1999 which resulted in violent riots. Other driving forces may be Cindy Sheehan who has joined their ad efforts. Oh, and then they have their very own letter from God extolling on their efforts...

When one of the most important things a soldier needs while in battle is the moral support of his countrymen, CODE PINK is working against them by their actions, no matter what they say.

Last week we observed Veterans Day, this week it's time to take a stand to show our troops we're on their side, we understand what they are doing, and appreciate their bravery and commitment during this terrible time in history, the unprecedented war of, and against, terrorism.
Sharon Hughes 2005
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