EdWatch Hosts Successful Constitution Day Event
September 22, 2005

Saturday, September 17th was Constitution Day, and the EdWatch evening with Constitutional Attorney John Eidsmoe was a tremendous success. About 200 people packed the room to hear "What Schools Should Teach About the Constitution."   Two local blogs ( The Scholar and North Star Liberty) describe the evening from the audience point of view. One message Eidsmoe sent home with all of us -- the U.S. Constitution is a document every American citizen should read. Even law students are seldom required by their professors to read the Constitution, and many are advised against reading it, lest they become "confused".

The EdWatch update of September 17th discussed how much of the popular Constitution Day curriculum undermines the Constitution. Our event focused on what Constitution curricula should actually teach. Michael Chapman gave a short update on the passage of the American Heritage Education Act in the Minnesota legislature in 2005. (An EdWatch update on that will be sent out next week.) Allen Quist briefed the group on the passage of federal Constitution Day legislation.

The Eidsmoe presentation will be broadcast on some Minnesota public access television channels in November. We will e-mail the broadcast schedule for some channels when they become available. Watch for it on your local access TV schedules. John Eidsmoe also distributed on Saturday a list of resources for teaching the Constitution. We will be making that list available on our website.

EdWatch encourages the distribution of the Eidsmoe presentation to public access television outside Minnesota. If you want to purchase a broadcast quality SVHS copy to deliver to access television in your communities, copies are $12.00. (SVHS cannot be played on a normal VCR.)
We are taking orders now for copies of the September 17th Eidsmoe presentation on DVD, standard VHS, and audio CD. Orders will not be available to mail out until December. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, send in your request to our mailing address listed above with credit card information or a check made out to EdWatch.
Thank you for being part of re-establishing a knowledge, appreciation of, and commitment to Americaís founding principles. We hope that you will find this presentation useful for private, public or home schools, as well as for public and private events.

"What schools should teach about the U.S. Constitution"
An evening with Constitutional Attorney John Eidsmoe
September 17, 2005

DVD    $14
VHS $12
CD $10