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January 4, 2005

Multiculturalism Update
From textbook publisher McGraw Hill's Multicultural Supersite -- Curriculum Transformation, by Paul Gorski (forwarded by Betty Peters):

Steps Toward Multicultural Curriculum Transformation
The curriculum of the mainstream is Eurocentric and male-centric. It fully ignores the experiences, voices, contributions, and perspectives of non-dominant individuals and groups in all subject areas. All educational materials including textbooks, films, and other teaching and learning tools present information in a purely Eurocentric, male-centric format...

A Working Definition of Multicultural Education
Multicultural education is a progressive approach for transforming education that holistically critiques and addresses current shortcomings, failings, and discriminatory practices in education. It is grounded in ideals of social justice, education equity, and a dedication to facilitating educational experiences in which all students reach their full potential as learners and as socially aware and active beings, locally, nationally, and globally. Multicultural education acknowledges that schools are essential to laying the foundation for the transformation of society and the elimination of oppression and injustice.
The underlying goal of multicultural education is to affect social change. The pathway toward this goal incorporates three strands of transformation:
the transformation of self;
the transformation of schools and schooling; and
the transformation of society.

Is it any wonder that parents are accusing the state of indoctrinating our children, rather than educating them? Is it any wonder our kids are learning less math, science, history and literature?

New U.S. Congress convenes in January

The 109th Congress convenes at noon on Tuesday, January 4, 2005Unofficial list of 109th Congress House members. (pdf) Unofficial List of 109th Congress House telephone numbers. (pdf) Senators of the 109th Congress.


New Minnesota legislature convenes in January

The 2005-2006 biennial legislative session will convene January 4, 2005.Directory of 2005-2006 members of MN Legislature. (pdf)

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