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Book Review: GENERATION REACT: Activism for Beginners

April 2002

GENERATION REACT: Activism for Beginners
Diverse Perspectives Course Curriculum

Reviewed by Big Lake parent April 2001

While reading GENERATION REACT: Activism for Beginners, I was deeply concerned by the overwhelming political tone of the book. The book did not focus on the acceptance, friendship, and concern for people that are different from oneself - which I expected from a book on diversity. Instead the book promoted a politically liberal agenda. In fact on page 161 the author Danny Seo stated he was a "...successful political/public relations consultant..."

I began to question the integrity of the book when I read the false statement on page 56. "Here are some of your specific right according to the ACLU: ...you have the right to form a group no matter how controversial the topic may be...There is, however, one exception: Student are prohibited from using school property for organizing religious activities because the U.S. Constitution's infamous separation of church and state." (Emphasis added.)

The truth is that no founding document prevents religious activities, not the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, and most certainly not the Bill of Rights! The First Amendment states that: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment o religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The 1789 U.S. Congressional Record clearly showed that the intent of the First Amendment was not to have on denomination running the country.

On November 7, 1801 The Danbury Baptists wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson expressing their concern that the First Amendment might regulate religious expression. They believed that freedom of religion was a God-granted, unalienable right and that the government should be powerless to restrict it. On January 1, 1802 Thomas Jefferson assured them that the free exercise of religion was in fact an unalienable right and government would in no way interfere. Only without reading the entire letter can Jefferson's words be taken out of context.

Please note that the 1854 House Judiciary Committee Report clearly supports the above stated facts. In addition it stated, "The great vital and conservative element in our system is a belief of our people in the pure doctrine and the divine truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To my limited understanding, I believe that the words of Thomas Jefferson were not taken out of context until 1947. As suggested by Dr. William James, if you repeat something enough people will begin to believe it. It was not until 1962 that the U.S. Supreme Court successfully removed Christianity from school.

I could go on in great detail. However, my point I that the Big Lake School District should not allow course curriculum that falsely states American history!

Another objectionable aspect of GENERATION REACT is that it encourages students to bring political issues into the classroom to "educate" other students, even kindergarteners. (See page 96) Throughout the book socially and politically liberal groups are promoted. Seo included e-mail addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses so readers can contact these groups for assistance. In some instances he specifically directed students to join groups. "As a member of the Clinton/Gore Youth Steering Committee, it was my responsibility to encourage young people nationwide to support the Democratic ticket." (See page 73)

Danny Seo clearly presents his anti-capitalist view and used terms such as: tyranny of the right and powerful, corporate gluttony, and kick some corporate butt! In comparison he referred to a company that donates to Greenpeace and planned Parenthood as socially responsible. Seo names and criticizes conservatives while he names and praises others.

In conclusion, I found it sand that "parent" was not mentioned once in the entire book. Even though an exhaustive list of resources was printed. Who better to guide and support our children than those of us who love them the most.

This book does not promote diversity, tolerance, or friendship.

Groups promoted in GENERATION REACT: Activism for Beginners

  • ACLU
  • Abortion rights
  • PETA
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Greenpeace
  • National Organization for Women (NOW)
  • Democratic Party
  • Sierra Club
  • Do Something
  • American Vivisection Society
  • International Albert Schweitzer
  • Student Environmental Action Coalition
  • Giraffe Project
  • Freedom Forum
  • Campus Outreach Opportunity League
  • United Way
  • Common Cause

    National Political Action Organizations
  • The Fund for Animals
  • Children's Defense Fund
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Public Citizen - Ralph Nader
  • Working Assets


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