Parents Unite to Oppose Radical Diversity
Presented to the school board by a parent from Big Lake

Excerpts from 'Oppression and Social Justice'
May 2002

Excerpts from 'Oppression and Social Justice,' a text that the Big Lake, MN Diversity Committee unanimously agreed is "appropriate for student use in an elective class and that it should stay in the district as a resource to meet the course outcomes and graduation standards identified in the Diverse Perspectives class.

[Editor's note: Excessively offensive language has been edited.]

Page 362 If all the men who are currently beating and raping women stopped, would all the other men who had not been violent up to that point start being violent in order to keep sexism in place and male power intact with all it's privaledges.

Page 363 Further evidence that male identity is rooted in our domination of women exists in examples of men's interactions with other each other. Suppose there are five or six guys gathered at a bar, workplace, school, party, etc., and a woman walks by, one of the men starts making remarks like Hey, good lookin', where are you going so fast. How about coming over here and giving me a big kiss? To which the rest of the guys start laughing and adding their own comments that invariably become cruder, like, Hey, why don't you come over and sit on my face...How about a little head... etc., etc. etc. By this time the men are having an uproariously good time.

Page 363 Men will refer to presentations about domestic violence or sexual assault as just more male bashing. In the book 1984, George Orwell coined the phrase double speak . It is when the meaning of the book is reversed. Male bashing is when a man grabs a woman by the back of the hair and bashes her head into the wall or cupboard or door. Male bashing is when he takes her by the throat and pins her against the wall with one hand and bashes her in the face with the other. That's male bashing..Male bashing is a phrase that is a tactic to divert attention away from the reality of men's violence..

Page 370 We live in a culture that condones and celebrates rape.

Page 370 Then I asked myself whether aggressive emphasis on his desire, or his need for the ***** [vulgar term for female partner in a "relationship"] would have reassured me.

Page 384 In some Junior High Schools the latest male game during class breaks is to rush up to female classmates in the hallways, grab their *******, with one or both hands and then run. The boys keep score, which girls they grabbed, how many they managed to grab and how large their ******* were.

Page 349 Why is it wrong to get rid of some ****** ***** [parts of women's bodies]? Kenneth Bianchi, convicted hillside stranger, demanded to know.

Page 349 Such atrocities also are enacted upon women by their male intimates. The case of Joel Steinberg, who murdered his adopted daughter, Lisa, and tortured his companion, Hedda Nussbaum, for years, is extreme but not unique. In 1989, a California man was sentenced to 32 years in prison for torturing his wife in a 10-hour attack. After she refused anal sex, Curtis Adams handcuffed his wife, repeatedly forced a bottle and then a broomstick into her ****, and hung her naked out the window taking breaks to make her read bible passages adjuring women to obey their husbands.

Page 350 Dedicated Bible reader John List was convicted this year in New Jersey for mass murder, after escaping detection for 18 years. List complained that his wife refused to attend church, an action, he knew, would harm the children...In a rage over his loss of control, this Godly man slaughtered his wife, daughter, mother, and two sons.

Page 266 Biphobia is the fear of the other and the fear of the space between our categories.

Page 266 We all lose when we judge a man simply by saying he is a bi-sexual rather than judging him on the basis of who he is. If our concern is AIDS, not all bi-sexual men have engaged in unsafe sex. If our concern is monogamy, not all bi-sexual men are non-monogomous. We all lose when we fail to get beyond our stereotypes.

Editorial note
The problem with this argument is that according to the CDC, 82% of white males who die from AIDS were GAY. This, even though gay people most likely account for only 5-10% of the white male population. It is irresponsible to discuss the subject of homosexuality without also bringing up the health risks associated with that behavior.

Should schools promote smoking without discussing the negative effects of smoking?