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Sex Education in Montgomery County, Maryland

December 29, 2004

"School Board Fails to Heed Lessons of Election"
by Warren Throckmorton, PhD

Montgomery County, Maryland is a blue county. Next door to Washington, D.C., the county went 66 to 33 for Senator Kerry in the
recent election. So when the Montgomery County School Board rubber stamped a set of committee recommendations expanding sexual education content to include condom demonstrations and left of center views on homosexuality, I suspect the members of the board expected little resistance from parents. Surprise! In fact, after two years of stonewalling efforts from parents to register their views, the school board members may find themselves facing voters in a recall effort.

Rumor is that the school board thinks the whole thing will blow over. However, one glance at the website provides evidence that the parents are serious. Given such strong reaction concerning values, the school board may need to glean some lessons from the last election.

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(Author Warren Throckmorton, PhD is Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of College Counseling at Grove City College
(PA). His articles have appeared in over 50 newspapers and he is a Contributing Columnist with Crosswalk.com. Dr. Throckmorton is the producer of a recently released documentary titled I Do Exist concerning sexual orientation. His website is
www.drthrockmorton.com )

Also see paper by Warren Throckmorton, "Health Education as Social Advocacy: An Evaluation of the Proposed Montgomery County Schools Health Education Curriculum" and David Blakeslee, Psy.D.