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Example of what the NAEP defines as "achieving" in U.S. History

"Twelfth-grade students achieving at the Advanced level should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of events and sources of U.S. history.(as opposed to "knowledge of U.S. History") Recognizing that history is subject to interpretation, they should be able to evaluate historical claims critically in light of the evidence. They should understand that important issues and themes have been addressed differently at different times and that America's political, social, and cultural traditions have changed over time. They should be able to write well-reasoned arguments on complex historical topics and draw upon a wide range of sources to inform their conclusions." http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/ushistory/achieveall.asp

The NAEP history assessment is assessing for a student's acceptance of a post-modernist world view, that is, that there is no objective truth that transcends time, history is not knowable, and tha people construct their own meaning. This is the values and attitudes core curriculum of the new education system.


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