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"What they call tolerance."

Look who's engaging in hate and threats. Notice their insitence on the right to change the values of the children, and any exertion of parental rights is defined as hate and violence.

Sample response (we have also received much positive response):


"Your website and attitude represent everything that is wrong with America today. Advocated racism, hate, and intolerance of others. We may as well be living in the 50's with racial segregation and the madatory beating of homosexuals right? It's one thing to keep a watchful eye over things - completely another to create spurious lies and not even FIND OUT THE FACTS of events before you slander people. Don't you understand that without tolerance of ALL people - no matter what their skin color or lifestyle choice - that there is NO HOPE for the human race."


"An education of tolerance, and working together. Sounds insane to me, lets all continue to hate each other while the rest of the world laughs at our ignorance. Actually I should say YOUR ignorance, 'MREdCo' you make me sick. You instill values of hate and intolerance in your kids and attempt to spread that poison to others as well. LOOK OUTSIDE THE DOOR of your white-washed house in suburbia. Outside of your sicko false reality is the real world staring back at you. You can't hide behind God or religious values anymore, and when the tide of truth finally reaches your doorstep in the form of a loved one who doesn't fit your mold, we all will be there, and we all will be laughing at your ignorance."


"What I gather from the article below is that there are still some individuals in this world who are afraid of change. It is good that we weed out discrimination and bigotry from our children-and educational institutions are the perfect place to begin this process.

All people, whether they are a different color, a different sex, or have different sexual preferences, should be allowed the same freedoms and rights as any other person in this country. Nobody should have to be subjected to hate filled words, physical abuse, mockery or ostrazation simply because of a difference. Remember, it wasn't too long ago when african-americans were being called niggers and being hung from the limbs of trees merely because they were "different."

Religious institutions and people that have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by them into thinking that homosexuality is a sin or a "chosen" lifestyle, have in essence, created this atmosphere of intolerance and hatred. What is happening in our schools today is merely an attempt by educators in trying to undo the years of negative stereotypical programming and damage to our children.

You all cry foul (only because you too), were taught the same negative diatribe when you were young. Had you not been taught such messages of intolerance, I wouldn't be sending you this email today. Matter of fact, none of this would be an issue and what is going on in our schools right now wouldn't be happening. In essence, society has to reap what is has sown for many, many years...that is the price our country must pay for being so intolerant of others. You may feel the need to delete this email and not share it simply because it frightens you. Eventually however, it will come to pass that all people will be treated as equals.

A thousand years from now, our world and its cultures will greet everyone warmly (regardless of their differences), and with open arms. We will no longer be divided by issues of taught moralities, skin color, sex, or sexual preferences. We will all have a voice-one voice...


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