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The NEA's "Diversity Guidelines" for 9/11

September 6, 2002

Have you wondered if there is a federal curriculum? What do those requirements look like? Where do they come from?

We distributed this media advisory today regarding the NEA recommendations for teaching about the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States. Since Senator Wellstone is a strong supporter of the NEA, we called upon him to renounce these outrageous 9/11 curriculum.

While the guidelines have stirred up a furor across the country, most interesting is that they are all designed to comply with the new federal curriculum. The NEA guidelines are careful to demonstrate that these comply with the federal guidelines.

Federal curriculum (they call them "standards") may be found at the Mid-continent Regional Lab, one of several lavishly federally funded regional education "laboratories" for central planning

(When the defenders of federal education tell you that the standards are voluntary, remind them that all federal money is removed to states that don't comply. This is Washington's definition of "voluntary.")

What you will find in the federal curriculum is a preoccupation with "diversity." All history and civics are presented in light of diversity and bias. For example: "Working in small groups, students should make a list of both contemporary and historical conflicts that have arisen as a result of diversity issues. These conflicts may be small or large; they may involve individuals, groups, or nations (e.g., student conflicts in school, civil rights conflicts in the 1960's, conflicts in the Middle East, current conflicts in the United States concerning women's issues or sexual orientation). After giving students several minutes to brainstorm, discuss with students some of these conflicts and list them on the board."

The diversity curriculum is intertwined into all of the areas of "study": Civics, Geography, History, Economics, Language Arts, and so on. Also intertwined throughout will be the other major themes of the new federal curriculum, such as environmentalism. Academic subjects become simply a means to drive a social and political agenda.

{For a review of the New Federal Curriculum, see our book, Fed Ed.

The NEA guidelines for 9/11 are all consistent with the new federal curriculum which are now required in all schools through the No Child Left Behind law of 2001. (See "No Child Left Behind: Goals 2005)

Is it any wonder that the suggested curriculum for teachers on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks are steeped in bias and diversity training, and teaching about our own intolerance? -----------------------------------------------------------------


Saint Paul - The Maple River Education Coalition (MREdCo) today called on Senator Paul Wellstone to join its members in denouncing the National Education Association's outrageous teaching guidelines for the 9/11 terrorist attack. The guidelines encourage teachers to use the first anniversary of 9/11 to tell students that America is prejudiced and intolerant.

The National Education Association (NEA), which has endorsed Senator Wellstone, has been heavily criticized since issuing its teaching suggestions. Education Minnesota, the NEA's Minnesota affiliate, has a link available on its webs site to thecontroversial lesson plans.

In commemorating the terrorist attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people, the NEA is recommending teachers tell students that "some of this country's darkest moments resulted from prejudice and intolerance for our own people" and to discuss "historical instances of American intolerance."

MREdCo, a statewide grassroots education coalition, said that the NEA 9/11 teaching guidelines are an example of the anti-academic curriculum that the Profile of Learning requires in Minnesota schools. Parent, teachers and other citizens object to the Profile mandates that teach values, attitudes and beliefs instead of actual knowledge and information.

"The Profile standards require teachers to teach students to 'construct' history," said Michael Chapman, education researcher MREdCo board member. "It's all about teaching bias and diversity. Actual events and objective facts are denigrated in the Profile of Learning. The NEA 9/11 guidelines fulfill new federal curriculum mandates. This is exactly why Minnesota is rejecting the Profile of Learning."

The NEA have been strong Wellstone supporters. For that reason, MREdCo urged Senator Wellstone to join them in challenging the NEA to withdraw its anti-American guidelines. "The first anniversary of the terrorist attacks should be a unifying event that celebrates America - Minnesota students need to be reminded of the extraordinary heroism, courage, and patriotism that America's response to 9/11 epitomizes," said Chapman, who specializes in researching education requirements that rewrite America's history.

"Asking teachers to tell their students about American intolerance on September 11th is just out of touch and out of line. Sending these conflicting signals about America at a historic time of national reflection is just wrong."


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