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Applications Needed for Standards Committees

June 13, 2003

Please consider applying to serve on the Science or Social Studies Academic Standards Committees. Applications open this Thursday. Please let us know if you do apply.

State standards in both science and social studies will be developed through the summer. Committees will be appointed as they were in the math and language arts committees. An important difference is that the deadlines are not so short as they were for the first standards committees.

The committee will be representative of teachers, parents, administrators and business from across the state. If you want to apply for one of these committees, here is the information you're looking for. We hope you will consider putting your name in.

Thursday, June 19th, the Department will begin to accept applications for these committees. The new Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) website should be operational by then. There should be an application form available to apply on-line or to send in. www.education.state.mn.us

At the present time, there is nothing to download on the old CFL site.

Social Studies standards are: history, geography, economics and civics.

Appointments will be announced on July 1st.

Meetings will begin on July 7th. Meetings will continue through July and August, involving 7 to 8 subgroup meetings and three meetings with all subgroups combined.

Committee members are expected to attend one area public meeting which will be held from mid-September to mid-October.

Questions about the Academic Standards Committee?
Call the Minnesota Department of Education:
(651) 582-8200

Will the state test in Social Studies, the Arts, and other electives?

State tests will not be given for Social Studies, the Arts, or other electives. In all cases, local school districts will determine if students have met the academic standards, if a state test is not given.
What about other elective areas?

School districts must offer courses in (1) health and physical education, (2) vocational and technical education, and (3) world languages.

While required by the state, these content areas do not require state standards, nor are state standards available. The standards will:
-- be locally developed
-- not be tested at the state level


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