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D-Day Action Alert!

June 3, 2004

The following letter has been delivered to a number of key Members of Congress in both the House and Senate. We urge you to make copies of this letter for your own U.S. Senator and Representative, along with the textbook example that is linked in the letter. Please write a brief cover note from yourself, and mail or fax them to the state offices of your Members of Congress.

You may find your Members of Congress by entering your zip code at: Congress.org Contact information is readily available there for mailing, calling, faxing or e-mailing. Please note that postal mail arrives sooner to local state Congressional offices than to Washington, DC offices. A letter to an office in Washington, DC is delivered fastest by fax. E-mails are the least effective means of communication with Members of Congress.

Bill Ames
7015 Town Bluff
Dallas, TX 75248

The Honorable xxxxxx
Washington, DC xxxxx

Dear [Representative or Senator]:

Today, June 6th, is an appropriate day to ask you to request Congressional hearings on the academic standards and textbooks of the federally funded Center for Civic Education as a precursor to sponsoring a bill to remove their federal funding.

Sixty years ago today, on D-Day, Allied armed forces landed on the beaches of the Normandy coast of France. Their success was one of America’s foremost historical achievements.

Today we are losing our WWII veterans at the rate of 1100 a day. Within one generation, we will lose an important aspect of our American heritage, unless our public schools accurately tell the story of their bravery, heroism, and sacrifice. Unfortunately, that story is not being told accurately, and, unless the issue is addressed, our future citizens will have little understanding as to “why” anyone would make such a sacrifice.

Flash back to spring and summer, 2002. Here in Texas, I reviewed the proposed history and government textbooks as a volunteer citizen textbook reviewer. Incredibly, one book, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill’s The American Republic Since 1877, portrayed the Omaha Beach invasion as a “military disaster.”

Fortunately, I was able to put enough pressure on the publisher to change this negative portrayal to a positive story. The before-and-after pages of the textbook are enclosed with this letter. The Omaha Beach story is just one example of approximately 100 changes I was able to negotiate with the publisher.

Given my experience as a volunteer textbook reviewer in Texas, and as one who has worked with an education advocacy group in Minnesota, EdWatch, I have reached the conclusion that current federal statutes ignore the fact that public school curriculum in the United States is being hijacked by the leftist education establishment.

There appears to be an ideology built into the curriculum that:

  • eliminates patriotism;
  • presents U.S. history in a negative light;
  • includes events which supports leftist ideology rather than historical significance;
  • presents subjective opinions and ideology as facts;
  • eliminates or undermines the founding principles of American Liberty, as laid down in the Declaration of Independence (such as National Sovereignty, Self-evident Truth, Creator-given unalienable rights, etc.);
  • eliminates or undermines the recognition that the primary purpose of government is to protect those unalienable rights;
  • eliminates the understanding and appreciation of the primary role of Western civilization in the founding of our nation;
  • presents history from the perspective that all cultures are equal, in contrast to teaching that America is based on timeless and true principles that are superior to other ideologies and government structures;
  • elevates student political activism to a core curriculum;
  • eliminates most specific knowledge of history, and focuses instead on themes of history;
  • undermines a recognition of objective, knowable truth; and
  • most importantly, promotes globalism over national sovereignty, including the promotion of world citizenship identity, common-good over individual rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights over America’s founding principles and documents.

    Many in Congress have good intentions, but they fail to recognize the central role recent federal legislation and federal tax money have played and continue to play in implementing this radical agenda in our schools.

    For example, the original national history standards, created through a Congressional grant in 1994, were so anti-American that the U.S. Senate opposed them in 1995 on a vote of 99 to 1. Subsequent changes were mostly cosmetic, and, unfortunately, most states’ social studies standards are modeled after this national proposal.

    An even more egregious example of indoctrinating students is the continued federal funding for the Center for Civic Education (CCE). This tax-exempt, private, radical organization formed in 1964 wrote the federal standards in Civics and Government, as well as the framework for the Civics and Government portion of the NAEP (Nation’s Report Card). Furthermore, they were federally subsidized to write and publish the model Civics and Government textbook called We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution (WTP).

    These standards and textbooks have the superficial appearance of patriotism. However, some of the most fundamental founding principles of freedom as stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are either missing or undermined. National sovereignty, for example, is censored from the textbook, but the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is promoted. The second, ninth, and tenth amendments aren’t even mentioned in the unit, “What Rights Does the Bill of Rights Protect?” since they stand in the way of the CCE’s radical ideology. In the name of “teaching our founding principles,” the WTP curriculum actually undermines them.

    As a Member of Congress, please commit yourself to preserving and passing on America’s heritage of freedom to the next generation of voters, citizens, and Representatives. The Center for Civic Education standards, with Congressional funding provided in Section 2344 of the “No Child Left Behind Act,” serves as the guide for the content of textbooks, the national education assessment (NAEP), a model course of instruction, teacher certification and all 50 state standards. With public tax money, Congress is funding the indoctrination of our children in an ideology that is hostile to our founding principles.

    The negative portrayal of the patriotic story of Omaha Beach in mainstream curriculum is a reflection of the philosophical shift that now permeates the curriculum in our schools. On this celebration of D-Day, we are asking you to call for Congressional hearings on the CCE use of taxpayer money to undermine our founding principles under the pretense of teaching them. We urge you to call for these hearings as a precursor to sponsoring a bill to remove federal funding from the CCE, and from the production and development of the textbooks, We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution.

    Bill Ames

    P.S. For a detailed book review of the WTP textbook and for more information on the CCE standards, please contact EdWatch. **********

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