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Minnesota Legislature Repeals the Profile of Learning

May 20, 2003

The Profile of Learning Has Breathed Its Last!! Plan to join us in the Capitol Rotunda for a celebration on Thursday, May 22, at 6:00 p.m. More details will follow soon.

ST. PAUL, Minn . . .By overwhelming margins in the final hours of the 2003 regular session, the Minnesota Legislature repealed the Profile of Learning graduation standards, replacing them with a combination of state standards in five core academic subjects and locally-determined standards in three elective areas.

The bill, which now goes to Governor Tim Pawlenty to be signed into law, gives Minnesota's public school students, teachers, and parents standards that are "clear, concise, objective, measurable and grade-level appropriate, not require a specific teaching methodology or curriculum," and "consistent with the Constitution of the United States and of Minnesota."

"With this bill, Minnesota has charted the course for its public schools that its citizens demanded: one of high academic achievement and local control," said Julie Quist, vice president of the Maple River Education Coalition PAC (MREdCo PAC).

The Coalition emphasized that this repeal is just the first step toward re-establishing genuine academic education in Minnesota, since curriculum decisions will now be back in the hands of local school districts. New aligned tests and new social studies and science standards will also be a crucial to part of the academic education system. These tests and standards are yet to be developed.

A victory rally is being planned for later this week. For further information, contact the Maple River Education Coalition PAC at (651) 646-0646 or www.edaction.org.

The Maple River Education Coalition PAC is a grassroots group of parents, teachers, and citizens who support knowledge-based academic education and oppose the Profile of Learning and School-to-Work.


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