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Buy Stillwater! Support Bachmann!
Boycott Intends to Vote Bachmann Out!

April 7, 2004

Senator Michele Bachmann has been a strong leader in the Senate for knowledge-based, high academic education in Minnesota. She was influential in the repeal of the much-maligned Profile of Learning.

EdWatch is coming forward for a Senator who has been there to support parents and taxpayers on education long before it was popular to oppose the Profile. She continues to provide clear, strong leadership in education at the Capitol.

Those opposing Senator Michele Bachmann's leadership on the popular "marriage amendment" that would define marriage in Minnesota as between one man and one woman have turned their guns on Bachmann's home town, the city of Stillwater, in an attempt to oust her from office.

"I cannot vote Bachmann out. The only thing I can do is boycott (their businesses)," said Laura Migliorino of Minneapolis, according to the Pioneer Press. Migliorino and her partner are asking people to cancel events, dinner reservations and bed-and-breakfast reservations and "make it known why."

In March 5,000 to 6,000 people rallied at the Capitol in support of the Bachmann amendment. It was the largest rally in recent memory in St. Paul..

The Pioneer Press stated, "In response to news of the boycott, Bachmann said she is inviting everyone who supports a constitutional amendment to come to Stillwater to shop this weekend."

"A poll this morning showed that 58 percent of Minnesotans said they would vote for a constitutional amendment," she said. "People who want to vote on the definition of marriage are invited to come to Stillwater the crown jewel of shopping." Bachmann said people could show their support by shopping and dining in Stillwater and staying at area inns. "We want to show off our beautiful town."

"I don't take this lightly," Bachmann said of the boycott. "Those who are pro-family and pro-marriage could also be calling for a boycott of (Senate Majority Leader) Dean Johnson's district in Willmar, but I would advise them not to because the business people are innocent and making their livelihood. This discussion should be confined to St. Paul."

Senator Bachmann has been led the charge in Minnesota against the radical changes in our schools. She also recognizes the impact that a redefinition of marriage will have on our schools. As we stated in our alert last month, The Anti-bias licensing program curriculum of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), for example, trains early childhood teachers to promote homosexuality as morally good. (Curriculum for Young Children)

Legalizing "marriage" for homosexual couples will push that school indoctrination agenda forward very far and very fast for even our youngest and most innocent children. It would establish the legal and moral equivalence of homosexuality in our schools.

Please come to Stillwater. Enjoy the atmosphere, support the business owners, and make a dining-out occasion. Let the business owners know you are there to support Sen. Bachmann and her leadership in the legislature! Remember especially to visit the storefronts around town.

Keep your receipts, and forward them to us as proof of the support generated from. We can tally the results and deliver them to the Chamber to demonstrate the support Minnesota has for their great Senator!

Directions? Shops? Events? Restaurants? Visit the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (651) 439-4001
Fax: (651) 439-4035
email: info@ilovestillwater.com

Let them know your planning to come to Stillwater to support Sen. Bachmann. The boycotters have been calling the Chamber to announce their boycott intentions. Call them with phone calls of our own.

From Stillwater website: Nestled into the bluffs of the St. Croix River, one of America's protected Wild and Scenic Waterways, the town of Stillwater is itself on the National Registry of Historic Places. Hundred- year-old brick and limestone buildings that once housed merchants of the old logging town now are home to a host of antique shops, rare book dealers, world-class restaurants, bed & breakfast inns, historic trains, trolleys, and paddlewheel boats.

When you've had your fill of glitz at the Mall of America, spend an afternoon or a few days exploring the charm of this 19th century midwest river town in Washington County, just a half-hour's drive east of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our beautiful Stillwater Visitor's Guide is printed each year to introduce you to the best shopping, dining, lodging, and activities of our beautiful corner of Minnesota.


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