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Hearing on HF 2, "Repeal of the Profile of Learning"

January 29, 2003

Hearing on HF 2, "Repeal of the Profile of Learning"
House Education Policy Committee
Tuesday and Thursday
8:15 a.m. in Room 200 of the State Office Building

The Profile of Learning repeal bill will most likely be heard sometime during the first week in February. We will keep you informed of the progress of that bill.

What replaces the Profile of Learning will determine whether Minnesota will establish genuine academic education in Minnesota or set up content that is a continuation of the Profile under a new name.

House Education Committee membership

HF 2 directs the new Commissioner to set up a committee to develop new state standards. Let the House committee members know that you know your opinion on Profile content standards repeated again in the new standards. The Profile content is based on the national civics standards and the national math standards.

Senator BACHMANN has introduced an amendment giving the Committee direction about what content will replace the Profile of Learning. (Actual language for the "Bachmann amendment" is still being negotiated.) At this time, there is not assurance that the amendment will be heard.

Accountability should not be accountability to the U.S. Secretary of the Department of Education. Accountability MUST be to parents and to the public. This means that ALL TESTS NEED TO BE OPEN AND AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ON AN ANNUAL BASIS. This is the ONLY way that parents can know what the standards and the content really are.

The Senate companion bill to HF 2 is SF 60. (Senate Education Committee membership). Senate committee members need to know that SF 60 needs to be quickly given a hearing in the Senate Education committee.

Now is the time to bring or send to members of both the House and Senate Education Committees personal and actual examples and experiences with the Profile of Learning content. Parents and teachers object to the content of the Profile, not just to its process.

For example, a Minnesota model Thanksgiving curriculum that fulfills the Profile standards equates Columbus with Saddam Hussein and with Germany's Hitler. It then has students subject Christopher Columbus to a mock criminal war crimes trial. The Department indicates that its standards are based on the national History standards and the national Civics standards.

Other examples: http://www.edwatch.org/updates/Diversity/Mahtomedi.htm

The Sunday Pioneer Press carried an article written by a student, a "Community Columnist," January 27th, "Take it from a student: Profile must be replaced."


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