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Professors Support Academic Standards for History and Social Studies II

January 21, 2004

Following is the complete letter from the Social Studies Professors, released at a press conference yesterday, in support of Minnesota's proposed academic standards. The momentum is building in support of the proposed standards.

According to the Star Tribune:
"It used to be easier to find a slide rule in a math class than an educator who likes the new state social studies standards.

"Not anymore. Professors from three Minnesota colleges and universities announced Tuesday that they support the proposed standards, and what's more, they have on two separate letters the signatures of 47 other Minnesota professors who support the standards, too. The signatures include those of professors from such institutions as St. Olaf College, Bethel College, Macalester College, St. Cloud State University and the University of Minnesota." startribune.com

Let your voice be heard. Tell your legislators and the Governor: Accept the Proposed Social Studies Standards as they are. (See our alert: edwatch.org


Professors in Support of the Minnesota History Standards

"The proposed History/Social Studies K-12 Standards will move Minnesota to a content-rich education for our children. They invigorate a much needed conversation about our memory of the past. As professors in Minnesota's colleges and universities, we urge their approval by the Minnesota State Legislature."

1. Daniel Ritchie
Professor of English
Director of Humanities Program
Bethel College

2. Phil Bjerke
Professors of Philosophy and Economics
Minnesota West Community & Technical College

3. Jim Chen
James L. Krusemark
Professor of Law
University of Minnesota

4. Tom Clayton
Regents' Professor of English Language and Literature
University of Minnesota

5. John M. Dolan, Ph.D
Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching
Professor of Philosophy
University of Minnesota

6. Juanita Garciagodny
Professor of Spanish
Macalester College

7. Diane Glancy
Professor of English
Macalester College

8. Thomas Greenlee
Professor of Physics
Bethel College

9. John Hibbard
Associate Professor of English
St. Cloud State University

10. Hilde Hoogenboom
Professor of German
Macalester College

11. Dr. Lowell E. Johnson
Professor Emeritus of English
St. Olaf College

12. Rollin King
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Bethel College

13. William M. Kinney Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Bethel College

14. James F. Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies
Bethel College

15. Gary A. Long, Ph.D.
Professor of Hebrew Bible & Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Bethel College & President Society of Biblical Literature

16. David T. Lykken, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Psychology
University of Minnesota

17. Robert E. Oliphant, J.D.
Professor of Law
William Mitchell College of Law

18. John Oughton, M.S.
Instructor of Natural Science
Century College

19. Michael Stokes Paulsen, J.D.
Briggs & Morgan Professor of Law
University of Minnesota Law School
Visiting Professor of Law, University of St. Thomas School of Law

20. Karsten Piper
Instructor of English
Minnesota West Community & Technical College

21. Carl Rasmussen
Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Bethel College

22. Mark Reasoner
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Bethel College

23. Jeremiah Reedy
Professor of Classics
Macalester College

24. Leif I. Solberg, MD
Clinical Professor
Dept. of Family Practice and Community Health
Medical School, University of Minnesota

25. Joseph N. Uemura, Ph.D.
Paul and Jean Hanna Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus
Hamline University
Member, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division

26. Thomas D. Verberg
Professor of Chemistry
Macalester College


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