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The answer to these and many other questions are found on this website. The federal government has set in motion a restructuring of our schools, our workforce and our economy to create a new system called School-to-work or STW. Minnesota and all other states are incorporating a central planning system to implement STW. STW places the needs of business above the needs or wants of the child.

How New U.S. Policy Embraces a State-Planned Economy

Federal law forms a new governance structure that opposes both free enterprise and representative government. Instead, government centrally plans and manages the economy. The scaffolding for a centrally-planned economy was passed piecemeal under President Clinton and is currently being reassembled at the state level by combining federal laws into the following three-way "public/private partnership:"


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This public/private partnership was created by the following federal laws:

Together, these laws align and consolidate all local, state, and federal policies, programs, and funding into a single state-managed economic system.

How the New System Works

The Bottom Line

Government is implementing policies that will lead to poverty, not prosperity, by adopting the failed ideas of a state-planned and managed economy similar to that of the former Soviet Union.