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Contacts listed on our site do not imply endorsement. They are given to assist readers in contacting others who may be of similar mindset in their area. It is the reader's duty to investigate whether or not that is so. To submit your name as a contact in your state, e-mail us with applicable information. EdWatch reserves the right to control information posted on the site.


Contact: Patricia Hartnagle
Phone: 989-835-5332

Contact: Deborah DeBacker
Organization: Oakland County Republican Assembly
Address: Troy, MI
Phone: 248-641-7066
Email: DeBackerD@aol.com

Contact: Joan Grindel
Contact: Bloomfield Republican Women's Club
Phone: 248-661-1928
Email: bubblebuddies@earthlink.net


  • Audit Faults Oversight of Career Program Effectiveness
  • Career Preparation System
  • Career Links
  • Center for School and Technical Education
  • Department of Education
  • Curriculum Framework
  • Department of Education, Social Studies Content
  • Department of Education, Social Studies Goals
  • State Technology Plan
  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • Programs and Offices (Curriculum and Standards etc.)
  • School Performance Information