About the Speaker, Michael J. Chapman

Michael J. Chapman, founder of American Heritage Research, is an author, speaker, education researcher, full-time technical writer, and serves on the board of Edwatch - the largest grass-roots education reform organization in Minnesota history. Michael owns an extensive collection of rare books, which he uses to expose worldview bias and the censorship of America's true Christian heritage within mainstream public school curriculum.

Michael has conducted extensive research for local and nationally elected representatives, provided expert testimony, and wrote the American Heritage Act, which overwhelmingly passed in the Minnesota House (see the text at his website). His research has been sited by such authors as John Stormer, Mel and Norma Gabler, Dr. David Noebel, Col. E. Ray Moore, and Professor Allen Quist.

Michael has presented to staff at Focus on the Family, the Association of Christian Schools International, and the Heritage Foundation. He has been a featured speaker at many education conferences across the nation including the Education Policy Conference in St. Louis, the Council on National Policy in Washington, D.C., and Philis Schlafly's Eagle Forum Leadership Conference. Michael has also been a frequent guest on such shows as "Point of View," Phyllis Schlafly "Live," and John Loeffler's "Steel on Steel."

Michael, his wife of 28 years, Joy, and their two daughters reside in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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