Perceived as one of the most benign issues surrounding education, that
will, in reality, have one of the most profound impacts, is the
Governor's Big Plan. His plan includes centralizing the collection of
all dollars for education at the state level. The $900 million that is
collected locally through property taxes at the district level would
now be obtained through a sales tax on business services. The new sales
tax on services will garner far in excess of the $900 million the
governor claims is needed.

WE MUST UNDERSTAND: to shift our education tax payment from the local
level to the state will spell the END OF ANY REMAINING LOCAL CONTROL
of education! Districts will literally be starved to death
financially if they do not follow the DCFL and federal mandates to
the letter of their decree. The Title I issue alone is proof that
the planners of the new system mean business and you WILL comply.

We realize that the tax burden to farmers is unbearable and that the
tax system must be restructured. However, we must not, in our weakest
moments give in to allowing the state to hold the purse strings on
every dollar that comes into our districts. Legislators and school
boards must not buy into the rhetoric that the state can actually
control all the money and still allow local control. This is not

Centralized state tax collection does NOT eliminate local levies and
referendums which will rapidly raise taxes again for farmers and for
all of us. If your district is in need of money, don't think that
there will be help from the state. Your district must go back to the
local property taxpayer and pass a referendum. The public is being
duped by a clever marketing strategy that claims "the state will pay
for education" to "lower your property tax." We will all end up
paying twice under this plan. Remember, $900 million from the state
is still our taxpayer money.