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Other sites

        State-by-State Resources
        A Student's Guide To: Nosy Questions
        Citizens United for Responsible Education (CURE) of Washington State
        Environmental Conservation Organaization (ECO)
        Minnesota Education Reform News
        Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE)
        Parents Seeking Educational Excellence (PSEE)
        Parents Against Bad Books In Schools 
        Schools Matter Blog
        the deliberate dumbing down of america, by  Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
        The Homeschool Nations Minnesota
        Truth vs. The Machine blog
        Twin Cities Republican Association (TCRA)

International Education Links  (see also Oppose Reauthorizing NCLB)

        Overview of Progress towards all Education For All Goals
        The World Conference on Education for All (EFA) 1990
        International EFA Strategy I
        International EFA Strategy II
        A Report of the US to the International Consultative Forum on Education for All, January, 2000
        Monitoring Report on Education for All, 2001
        Monitoring Report on Education for All, 2002
        Monitoring Report on Education for All, 2003/4
        Monitoring Report on Education for All, 2005
        The U.N. World Declaration on Education For All
        The United Nations Home Page
        United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Educational Organization (UNESCO)
        UNESCO on Education for All
        Dakar Framework for Action, 2000

What's the Big Deal About Small Learning Communities Anyway?

        FedEd in Minnesota Classrooms: Smaller Learning Communities Preparing Workers for a State Planned Economy