National Level

        EdWatch in Action 2006
        EdWatch in Action 2005

        Federal Office Contacts

Pending and Current Laws

Assessments, Testing, and the NAEP

        Why Christian Schools Should Not Participate in the PLAN (P-ACT)(pdf)
        The Delphi Technique in Texas
        Worries Mount on SAT/ACT Essay Questions
        "New SAT" Presents Troubling Scenario
        What You Should Know About the Stanford 9
        The "New" SAT and the Movement Toward a National Curriculum
        Example of what the NAEP defines as "achieving" in U.S. History
        National Standards is a Federal Curriculum: What are the National Standards? Who creates them?
        MN Challenges State Standards
        Public Has A Right To Know 11th Grade Math Results
        Students Assessed for Bias
        Perverting the SAT
        Teaching to the Test
        The design and purpose of the NAEP
        No parental access allowed to the test or its results
        Why we can't show you our samples of the NAEP

Baby Ed and Early Childhood

        Case Against Preschool  03/31/09
        Evidence of Harm (pdf)  03/19/08
        Head Start Passes  11/14/07
        Mental Screening & Federal Curriculum for Preschoolers  11/13/07
        NAEYC Homosexual Advocacy  5/31/07
        A Federal Curriculum for Preschoolers  5/01/07
        NAEYC, TEACH, and the Anti-Bias Curriculum  3/30/07
        All Day Kindergarten Failing as Education Reform  2/09/07
        Bad Data Justifies Nanny State Expansion  2/07/07
        Tucker Plan Includes Cradle Control  1/23/07
        Government Shrinks in the Nursery  12/28/06
        Home Visiting & Mental Health Interventions  10/23/06
        Critique of Art Rolnick proposals  9/12/06
        Stop Universal Mental Health Screening for Teens  7/20/06
        Preschool Kids Suffer  3/27/06
        Just Whose Children  1/16/06
        Head Start to Nowhere  10/10/05
        Universal Preschool: A story of three states   7/31/05
        Response to Ready4K's Misinformation  4/27/05  (pdf)
        Kids as Investments
        Commentary on Baby Ed
        Quotes and References from Early Childhood Testimony
        Brainwashing Preschool Peaceniks
        Child Care Credentialing and NAEYC's Anti-Bias Curriculum
        Drumbeat Grows for Universal Preschool
        Money and Madness
        Mere Creatures of the State? 5/28/02
        "Let Our Mother's Go! 05/23/02"

Curriculum (General)


        S/B Questions (10/11/05)

The New Federal Curriculum

        Multicultural Curriculum Standards  (11/03/07)
        BEWARE-the Delphi Technique!
        End federally funded textbooks (1/25/06)
        We the People - A Terrible Federally-Funded Textbook (12/22/05)
        Under Fire for teaching history (12/20/05)
        Report on Congressional Hearing (12/1/05)
        Teaching American Civics (11/21/05)
        Excerpts from Federal Civics (10/6/05)
        Cinton Education Agenda Being Pushed in Minnesota
        "America's Schools: the Battleground for Freedom," Radio Interview with Professor Allen Quist, 1/12/05
        We The People Competition
        International Baccalaureate Seminar
        9/11 Letter to Lawmakers
        Textbooks on 9/11
        An Illusory Math Reform; Let's Go to the Videotape, by Linda Seebach
        International Baccalaureate
        Assault on America Continued - A Response to Erich Martel - "Why the Maple River Coalition is Wrong"
        The facts, ma'am, just the facts... by Charles Lewis
        Review of the California Academic Standards
        The "New" SAT and the Movement Toward a National Curriculum
        Is The Curriculum Biased? A Statement of the National Association of Scholars
        A New Alert on the "New Civics" - H.R. 1078
        Who is the CCE Coordinator for your state?
        From the DC Trenches: Worse Than Our Nightmares
        DC Conference Pushes "New Civics": Who represented your state?
        Response to Charles Quigley's Letter
        Center for Civics Responds to Criticism
        Transformational Education by Michael J. Chapman (PDF)
        Securing the Unalienable Rights vs. Promoting the Common Good.
        Traditional v. Radical: Two Competing Worldviews
        Critique of Virginia Standards for Civics, Economics, History, and Geography
        Urgent Alert on "The New Civics"
        Beware The New Civics
        When the Monkeys Came Back: Educating Environmentalists
        Gross, Grosser, and Grossest: How Far Have We Sunk in Children's Literature?
        Character Education
        The New Federal Curriculum And How It's Enforced
        Order Fed Ed: The New Federal Curriculum and How It's Enforced
        Civic Virtue And National Standards

Federal Entities Overseeing the Change

        The Department of Education (DOE)
        DOE Small Learning Communities
        The Department of Labor
        The Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS)
        The National Education Goals Panel (NEGP) (WIA information)

International Education

        Obama Administration To Impose Liberal UN Curriculum (7/29/09)
        Newsweek's "Best Schools" Propaganda Machine, (5/30/08)
        International Baccalaureate: A Major Movement to Change Students' Values (2/18/08)
        More Comments submitted on NCLB Discussion Draft (pdf) (9/19/07)
        International Sources (8/29/07)
        The International Baccalaureate Curriculum  (3/17/07)
        Terrorism as taught by International Baccalaureate (2/19/07)
        Writing the Tucker Plan Into Law (2/06/07)
        "Education for Sustainable Tyranny" Michael Chapman (2/03/07)
        Marc Tucker's New Education Initiative (1/13/07)
        IB Big Picture (Quist, in ppt) (10/14/06)
        Costs & Contents of IB (Eaton, in ppt) (10/14/06)
        IB feeling heat (7/03/06)
        Early Childhood/IB updates and more... (5/04/06)
        IB is un-american (4/07/06)
        International Baccalaureate Testimony (4/04/06)
        IB voted out (2/22/06)
        U.S. re-enters UN's Educational arm -- UNESCO (2/20/06)
        Bill Gates Teams Up With UNESCO (12/2/05)
        IB Alert (11/10/05)
        HIJACKING DEMOCRACY: The Power Shift to the Unelected (by the American Enterprise Institute)
        International Baccalaureate Seminar
        International Baccalaureate
        Teaching Globally
        Social Engineering for Global Change (pdf)
        Transnational Progressivism by John Fonte (pdf file)

No Child Left Behind

        Getting Past 'No Child' (12/11/07)
        No Child Left Behind Now Stalled (11/07/07)
        NCLB Draft Imposes 'New Civics' on All Schools (9/21/07)
        More Comments submitted on NCLB Discussion Draft (pdf) (9/19/07)
        NCLB Welcomes Children to 1984 and the Village (9/11/07)
        Comments submitted on NCLB Discussion Draft (9/10/07)
        New NCLB Plan is International Education for All (9/05/07)
        Washington Immigration Politics & NCLB (6/25/07)
        Returning NCLB Accountability to Voters (3/19/07)
        Developments on No Child Left Behind
        Taxpayers Pay for Fake News Stories Promoting No Child Left Behind
        Bachmann Bill to Opt-Out of No Child Left Behind Passes Senate Education Committee
        Backlash builds against No Child Left Behind
        Does the "Repeal" of Goals 2000 Mean Anything?
        House and Senate Committees Say "NO" to NCLB:
        HR1 Continues Goals 2000
        MN Senate Stumbles
        A Lesson in Waste: Where Does All the Federal Education Money Go?
        A LETTER: What about private & home schools?
        National Standards is a Federal Curriculum
        NCLB: What is it?
        No Child Left Behind: Federal Goals 2005
        'No Child Left Behind' meets resistance
        Outline of No Child Left Behind - Study the law for yourself.
        Report on "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB)
        Study: Federal Money no Asset to Education

Mental Health and Special Education

        Nanny State Bills Expand Government Control Over Families (7/17/08)
        2/24/08: Book Review: Walking Targets: How Our Psychologized Classrooms
            are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks, by B.K.Easkman
        Head Start Passes  (11/14/07)
        Mental Screening & Federal Curriculum for Preschoolers  (11/13/07)
        French Revolt Over "Delinquency Prevention" Tests of 3-Yr-Olds  (11/07/07)
        Drugging our Poor  (10/23/07)
        Follow the Money on TeenScreen  (5/08/07)
        Columbia Suicide-Screen: Validity and Reliability  (pdf) (3/02/07)
        TeenScreen Handbook  (pdf) (2/25/07)
        Response to Promoter of TeenScreen  (2/09/07)
        Mental Health Laws Pose Growing Threat  (12/15/06)
        Child Medication Safety Act (HR 1790)  (11/20/06)
        TeenScreen & the Kenosha Parents Union  (11/20/06)
        Letter to the Wall Street Journal  (10/27/06)
        Lame Duck Congress to fund infant mental health testing (11/10/06)
        Indiana Citizens Revolt (9/22/06)
        Concerns with Indiana's Mental Health Plan (9/19/06)
        Letter to President Bush on mental health screening (8/22/06)
        Using Minorities for MH Research  (8/14/06)
        Federal funding for universal mental health screening  (6/19/06)
        Babies & Mental Illness  (6/16/06)
        Major Problems with Mental Health Screening for Congress (pdf)  (6/16/06)
        2007 Proposed MH cuts (pdf)   (6/16/06)
        Dr. Harley Statement   (3/15/06)
        Testimony Against Preschool Socioemotional Screening  (3/9/06)
        Taxpayer Funds Promote Child Screening & Drugging (1/25/06)
        Disappointing Response to Urgent Letter of Protest (1/24/06)
        Urgent Letter of Protest (1/24/06)
        Bias as Mental Illness (12/15/05)
        Infant mental health (11/23/05)
        House Passes CMSA (11/18/05)
        Federal Mental Health Agency Responds (11/1/05)
        Protecting children from Coerced Drugging in Public Schools  (8/22/05)
        Huge Mental Health Victory for MN Families   (7/18/05)
        New law: School can't force meds on kids(7/5/05)
        A major victory in Texas (6/1/05)
        Lobbies in Congress for mass mental health screening (5/12/05)
        HR 1790: Child Medication Safety Act (5/2/05)
        Myths and Facts Regarding Mental Health Screening Programs and Psychiatric Drug Treatment for Children (pdf)
        Social and Emotional Learning
        Children's Mental Health in the 108th Congress:  the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
        Current Info on Mental Health Screening (11/10/04)
        The Push for Mental Health Screening
        "Universal Mental Health Screening" (Radio Interview with Karen Effrem, 10/22/04)
        "Mental Health Screenings - a Widespread Epidemic" (Radio Interview with Karen Effrem, 10/07/04)
        Follow-Up on Universal Mental Health Screening: Where Do We Go from Here?
        "Post FDA / Congressional Hearings on Suicide Induced SSRI-s in Children and Adolescents" (Radio Interview with Karen Effrem, 9/16/04)
        Roll Call Vote Taken on Universal Health Screening
        Vote on Universal Health Screening (pdf)
        Congressman Offers Amendment Prohibiting Universal Health Screening
        More on Screening Kids for Mental Health (Article by Dennis Cuddy)
        Mental Health Merged With NCLB Standards/Tests in Illinois
        Screening and Drugging Children Will Not Prevent Social Ills
        Universal Mental Health Screening
        The Child Medication Safety Act (HR 1170/S1390)
        Special Ed Alert! Individuals With Disabilities Education Act
        Re-funding Special Ed (IDEA)
        Perpetuating a Bad IDEA: Can the special ed law be reformed?
        Position Statement of the International Center for the study of Psychiatry and Psychology - Complete Report
        Position Statement of the International Center for the study of Psychiatry and Psychology - Summary Report
        Radical IDEAs" on Special Education from the President's Commission
        Coming to a Classroom Near You - Child Mental Health Legislation
        Reauthorization of Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA)
        Rebuttal to the National Academy Press Report "Minority Students in Special and Gifted Education" (2002)
        A Parent's Nightmare: Losing a Child to Drug-Induced Psychosis
        Money and Madness

Service Learning

        What is "Service Learning," and why should you be concerned about it?
        Service Learning links to porn on state education site
        Radical Activism in Schools, An Update on Service Learning
        Transformational Service Learning - Links for Creating Radical Political Activists
              Activist Learning Online
              Wiretap - Search for "youth activism"
              Resources on Youth-Led Social Activism
        AYFP Policy Brief on Service Learning


        Marc Tucker's New Education Initiative
        Career Pathways
        Senator Bachmann on School-to-Work
        School to Work Moves Forward in Vocational Education Reauthorization
        STW & "Career Technical Education"
        Career Clusters
        Career Transcript System (CTS) - Implementation Guide
        Glossary of Goals 2000 terms
        Letter to Hillary Clinton from Marc Tucker of the NCEE, Novermber 11, 1992
        Minnesota Is Plugged Into The Fed's School-To-Work Blueprint
        National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) (a proponent of the new system)
        Occupational Standards and Credentials
        Skill Standards: Job Analysis Profiles Are Just the Beginning
        Small Learning Communities: The New Face of School-to-Work
        Why is the Psychology profession poking around in STW?
        The Workforce Skills Certification Assessment Portfolio

Small Learning Communities

        "Cooperative learning can backfire"
        Smaller Learning Communities Preparing Workers for a State Planned Economy
        "Small learning communities" and HR1


        Teacher Colleges screen for political beliefs (1/10/06)
        Minnesota's 2005 Teachers' Conference

The Centralized Workforce System

        US Policy Embraces A State Planned Economy (Version 2)
        US Policy Embraces A State Planned Economy (Version 1)
        The Golden State Proposes Reinventing Government
        Marc Tucker's dream of School to Work
        School to Work Moves Forward in Vocational Education Reauthorization

The Data Collection System

        Data-tracking college students (5/4/05)
        Data Collection in the Schools
        Chapter 13 from The Seamless Web
        Public Collection of Private Data on Students

The Workforce Investment Act/Planned Economy

        FACT: “School-to-Work” Is Alive and Well!
        Audit Faults Oversight of Career Program Effectiveness
        The federal umbrella over state OneStop career centers?
        Workforce Development Links
        What all the states can expect in the future?
        U.S. Workforce Investment going global? experiment?
        First-Hand Experience With a Planned Economy
        Letter to Hillary Clinton from Marc Tucker of the NCEE, Novermber 11, 1992
        National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) (a proponent of the new system)
        Re-Authorizing WIA
        Restoring America: Testimony in opposition to WIA Reauthorizing
        Michael Chapman: Testimony in opposition to WIA Reauthorizing
        Staffing Services Industry Under Fire
        U.S. Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness
        Workforce Socialism: What Washington and Tallahassee Have in Store for Florida Businesses
        Marc Tucker's dream of a planned economy
        Workforce Investment Act (WIA)