EdWatch In Action

2004: EdWatch in Action


  • St. Louis, MO - National Educational Policy Conference
  • Danville, KY - State Foundations Festival
  • Trego, WI - Presentations at annual retreat and Worldview Seminar
  • Minnesota council for Social Studies annual convention
  • Bloomingfield, MI - Michigan Education Symposium
  • Twin Cities Republican Association
  • Reno, NV - National Freedom 21 Conference
  • St. Paul, MN - Hamline University panel on new MN Social Studies Standards

    Radio Interviews

  • EdWatch speakers appeared on stations in CA (4), TN (2), FL (2), NH (2), WA, PA, MA, VA, AZ
  • Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith - three separate shows
  • Frequent guests on Minnesota's KKMS "In Focus Education Wednesday"
  • Nationally syndiacted shows: Phyllis Schlafly Saturday, Larry Pratt Live, Relevant Radio, Changing Worldviews, Radio Liberty


  • Frequent testimony before the MN House and Senate Education Committees on new academic standards
  • Briefings and reports to members of Congress and their staff regarding federal education issues
  • Testimony twice before the MN Senate Early Childhood Policy and Budget Committees
  • Testimony before the MN Education Conference Committee


  • EdWatch and statewide groups with MN Speaker of the House and Education Committee Chair
  • EdWatch with the MN Governor's staff on new state academic standards
  • Frequent briefings with individual MN legislators and staff
  • EdWatch with MN Education Commissioner and staff regarding new state academic standards
  • U.S. Undersecretary of Education and other elected officials at MN No Child Left Behind forum
  • Assisted parent groups in ten other states and Washington, D.C.
  • Attended and reported on MN's Governor's Workforce Development Council quarterly meetings

    Other Venues

  • Distributed education-related resolutions statewide for MN precinct caucuses
  • Conducted Education Lobby Day at MN Capitol to support new knowledge-based academic standards
  • Distributed extensive information statewide, nationwide, and to members of Congress about the new federal curriculum
  • Participated in development of new MN social studies and science academic standards
  • Developed thorough analysis of MN legislature's new social studies and science academic standards
  • Reviewed, analyzed, and distributed information on federal and state legislation, including federal education academies, IDEA, Workforce Investment Act, Vocational Education, and mental health initiatives
  • Participated in creation of national DVD - "America's Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development"
  • Displayed information tables at two national, two state, and two home school conferences
  • EdWatch website visits spiked to 100,000 per month
  • Distributed weekly e-mail alerts and updates nationally on state and national education issues
  • Letters published in Washington Times and the British Medical Journal
  • Developed EdWatch National Education Conference tapes
  • Retained services of Washington DC Education Director and Lobbyist
  • Distributed information nationally on legislation before Congress

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