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2002 Elections Bring Drastic Changes to Senate Education Committee

Education committee members are powerful in the legislature as they decide which education bills are considered. For example, over the last two years, Sandy Pappas, chair of the Senate Education Committee, has refused to hear any bills which eliminate the Profile of Learning simply because she did not want to. This forces Senators to bypass the process and introduce bills on the Senate floor where debate is much more controlled and bills are less likely to be discussed and much more difficult to pass.

Of the 36 Senate Education Committee Members, 6 were defeated (5 of the 6 being individuals who continuously vote in favor of the Profile,) including the former minority leader of the committee, Martha Robertson, and four retired or sought other offices. This means that a new minority leader will be appointed this session and almost 1/3 of the committe will be made up of new members. These new members will need imput from constinuents.

There is much work to do!

Sandra Pappas (DFL), Committee Chair
Becky Lourey(DFL), Vice Chair
Martha Robertson, Ranking Minority Member (R) Defeated
Michele M. Bachmann (R)
Satveer Chaudhary (DFL)
Richard J. Cohen (DFL)
Chuck Fowler (DFL) Defeated by Julie Rosen (R)
Debbie J. Johnson (R)
Steve Kelley (DFL)
Bob Kierlin (DFL)
Anthony G. "Tony" Kinkel (DFL)
Dave Kleis (R)
David L. Knutson (R)
Jane Krentz (DFL) Defeated by Michele Bachmann (R)
Keith Langseth (DFL)
Cal Larson (R)
Arlene J. Lesewski (R) Retired
Warren Limmer (R)
Mee Moua (DFL)
Steve Murphy (DFL)
Gen Olson (R)
Lawrence J. Pogemiller (DFL)
Leonard R. Price (DFL) Defeated by Brian LeClair (R)
Jane B. Ranum (DFL)
Ann H. Rest (DFL)
Claire A. Robling (R)
Julie A. Sabo (DFL) Retired
Kenric J. Scheevel (R) Retired
Linda Scheid (DFL)
Grace S. Schwab (R) Defeated by Dan Sparks (DFL)
Yvonne P. Solon (DFL)
LeRoy A. Stumpf (DFL)
Roy Terwilliger (R) Retired
David J. Tomassoni (DFL)
Deanna L. Wiener (DFL) Defeated by Mike McGinn (R)
Charles W. Wiger (DFL)

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