EdWatch Updates

2007 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

        12/13/07: MN Senate: Get MN out of NCLB
        12/11/07: Getting Past 'No Child'
        11/29/07: Fuzzy Math Faces Revolt
        11/21/07: Impact of Darwin on Education
        11/14/07: Head Start Passes
        11/13/07: Mental Screening & Federal Curriculum for Preschoolers
        11/07/07: French Revolt Over "Delinquency Prevention" Tests of 3-Yr-Olds
        11/07/07: No Child Left Behind Now Stalled
        11/03/07: National Multicultural Curriculum Standards
        10/23/07: Drugging our Poor
        10/16/07: Teaching Religion in Public Schools
        9/21/07: NCLB Draft Imposes 'New Civics' on All Schools
        9/11/07: NCLB Welcomes Children to 1984 and the Village
        9/05/07: New NCLB Plan is International Education for All
        8/28/07: Funding Multiculturalism Education Through NCLB
        8/01/07: Foot-dragging on NCLB
        7/23/07: Hate Crimes: What Happened?
        7/17/07: Speech & Thought Crimes Plan
        7/09/07: S.761, America COMPETES (poorly) Act
        6/25/07: Washington Immigration Politics & NCLB
        6/18/07: MN Session Report, Part III: IB & Others
        6/06/07: MN Session Report, Part II: Psychological Screening
        6/04/07: MN Session Report, Part I: The Good & The Bad
        5/22/07: Capitol Report: The Day After
        5/08/07: Follow the Money on TeenScreen
        4/18/07: Minnesota Battles Mental Screening
        3/30/07: Planned Chaos at the St. Paul Capitol
        3/30/07: Boycott 'Day of Silence'
        3/17/07: The International Baccalaureate Curriculum
        2/19/07: Terrorism as taught by International Baccalaureate
        2/13/07: Infant Mental Screening in Minnesota
        2/09/07: Minnesota Introduces Legislation to fund TeenScreen
        2/09/07: All Day Kindergarten Failing as Education Reform
        2/07/07: Bad Data Justifies Nanny State Expansion
        2/06/07: Writing the Tucker Plan Into Law
        2/03/07: Texas Governor orders STD vaccine for All girls
        1/23/07: Tucker Plan Includes Cradle Control
        1/18/07: MN Senate Passes NCLB Resolution
        1/13/07: Marc Tucker's New Education Initiative

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