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2006 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

        12/27/06: EdWatch in Action 2006
        12/21/06: EdWatch featured at Jan 4th American Experiment Luncheon
        12/16/06: Career Pathways
        12/15/06: Mental Health Laws Pose Growing Threat
        12/15/06: Children Left Behind by NCLB
        12/04/06: Why re-authorize No Child Left Behind?
        11/20/06: New Minnesota Math Standards: Public Comment
        11/20/06: Elections, News and More
        11/02/06: Order conference DVDs
        11/02/06: Erasing borders
        10/18/06: Join EdWatch support for North Side families
        9/29/06: Fuzzy Math Update
        9/22/06: Indiana Citizens Revolt
        9/15/06: Media Release: EdWatch conference
        9/10/06: Gov Candidates Early Childhood
        9/09/06: Know Your Rights on Preschool Screening
        8/14/06: Using Minorities for MH Research
        7/28/06: Say no to MSS
        7/24/06: Major Victory in Sunshine State
        7/20/06: Stop Universal Mental Health Screening for Teens
        7/03/06: IB feeling heat
        6/23/06: EdWatch Conference
        6/19/06: Federal funding for universal mental health screening
        6/16/06: Babies & Mental Illness
        6/06/06: Pawlenty stop homosexual advocacy
        6/06/06: 2006 Legislative Wrap-up
        5/04/06: Early Childhood/IB updates and more...
        4/26/06: Minnesota secretly screens
        4/19/06: South St. Paul Cut Programs to Fund IB
        4/13/06: Hate Crimes Legislation and Schools
        4/07/06: IB is un-american
        4/04/06: International Baccalaureate Testimony
        4/04/06: Report from the Capitol
        3/27/06: Profile of Learning for Preschoolers
        3/24/06: House Testimony against the Governor's Early Childhood bill, HF 3623
        3/23/06: Nanny State Assault Continues
        3/21/06: testimony by April Selenskikh
        3/20/06: Mn Nanny State Assault Returns to Front page
        3/16/06: State Attempts to Gut Parental Rights
        3/15/06: Dr. Harley Statement
        3/13/06: Ethically Challenged Mental Health Screening Bill
        3/09/06: Mental Health Screening for Preschoolers
        3/09/06: Testimony Against Preschool Socioemotional Screening
        2/22/06: IB voted out
        2/09/06: President's Math/Science proposals
        1/25/06: End federally funded textbooks
        1/25/06: Funds Promote Child Screening & Drugging
        1/16/06: Just Whose Children
        1/10/06: Teacher Colleges screen for political beliefs

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