2006 Fall Education Conference, October 14th

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Conference Report



Session 1

Global Classrooms: the UN Curriculum in America’s schools"      
Michael Chapman, View Bio

American Heritage Research, EdWatch

Session 2

"How International Baccalaureate undermines American Citizenship"

Link to powerpoint here

Allen Quist,
View Bio

Author and Professor of American Government.

Session 3

“One District’s Experience with IB: Costs & Curriculum” style='font-size:16.0pt;color:#993300'>Link to powerpoint here

Dave Eaton, View Bio
Former Minnetonka, Minnesota school board member

Session 4

“How Mental Health Screening Affects Gun Ownership Rights”



Larry Pratt,

Executive Director, Gun Owners of America, View Bio

Session 5

"Shrinks in the Nursery: The Merging of Mental Health and Preschool”

Karen R. Effrem, M.D.,    View Bio
Pediatrician, EdWatch

Session 6

Minority and Low-income Families as Psychiatric Guinea Pigs”


Carol White, View Bio

African Americans Concerned Together (AACT)

Session 7

Building & Linking: Child Health/Education Data Systems and Genetic Testing”

Twila Brase
View Bio
Citizens Council on Health Care 


Newborn Genetic Testing & Parents’ Rights [PDF]

Dispose of Genetic Blood Samples Request Form [PDF]

“I took my child out” form [PDF]