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2005 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

        12/22/05: We the People - A Terrible Federally-Funded Textbook
        12/20/05: Under Fire for teaching history
        12/15/05: Bias as Mental Illness
        12/02/05: Bill Gates Teams Up With UNESCO
        11/23/05: Infant mental health
        11/18/05: House Passes CMSA
        11/16/05: Controversy over 2005 Mental Health Screening
        11/14/05: Red Alert on Code Pink
        11/10/05: IB Alert
        11/01/05: Federal Mental Health Agency Responds
        10/14/05: Eidsmoe Constituion Day Event airs on Cable
        10/11/05: S/B Questions
        10/10/05: Head Start to Nowhere
        10/06/05: Minnesota's 2005 Teachers' Conference
        10/06/05: Excerpts from Federal Civics
        09/22/05: American Heritage Act Passes
        09/22/05: EdWatch Hosts Successful Constitution Day Event
        09/17/05: September 17 ConstitutionDay ?   or Undermining the Constitution Day ?
        09/04/05: Civics Trojan Horse - S 860
        08/22/05: Protecting children from Coerced Drugging in Public Schools
        07/31/05: Universal Preschool: A story of three states
        07/21/05: Minnesota Nanny State Tidal Wave Held Back
        07/18/05: Huge Mental Health Victory for MN Families
        07/05/05: New law: schools can't force meds on kids
        06/09/05: NCLB for Minnesota
        06/01/05: A major victory in Texas
        05/11/05: Screening the Mental Health of Toddlers
        05/11/05: MN Education Conference Committee Begins Omnibus education bill HF 872
        04/29/05: Post-democratic government inserted in MN education
        04/25/05: Q & A regarding the Nanny State System
        04/25/05: Child Mental Health Screening and Invasive Surveys
        04/25/05: Same-sex marriage and the school curriculum
        04/11/05: Return to civil debate on Marriage Ammendment
        03/20/05: Background on Integrated Math
        02/26/05: Developments on No Child Left Behind
        02/16/05: Events and News - February 2005
        02/14/05: Myths and Facts Regarding Mental Health Screening Programs and Psychiatric Drug Treatment for Children (pdf)
        02/05/05: Clinton Education Agenda Being Pushed in Minnesota
        01/28/05: MN House Education Hearing on Math assessments
        01/26/05: Social and Emotional Learning
        01/12/05: Events and Hot News
        01/04/05: We the People Competition & Multiculturalism Update