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2004 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

         12/29/04: December 2004 Happenings

         12/13/04: Children's Mental Health in the 108th Congress:  the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

         12/10/04: 2004 Minnesota State Science Standards

         12/02/04: New Minnesota Math Standards Torpedoed by MN Department of Education

        12/01/04: Worries Mount on SAT/ACT Essay Questions

        11/24/04: Is the Declaration of Independence Unconstitutional?

        11/16/04: Change in the Right Direction

        11/10/04: Current Info on Mental Health Screening

        10/27/04: The New Show and Tell: How Homosexuality Is Being Promoted In The Classroom

        10/25/04: Data Collection in the Schools

        10/25/04: The Push for Mental Health Screening

        10/18/04: Golden State Proposes Reinventing Government

        10/07/04: Senator Bachmann on School-to-Work

        10/08/04: The Havoc Wrought by Today's "Modern" Math

        09/29/04: Two Views of Education: "Education Summit" and EdWatch

        09/27/04: Follow-Up on Universal Mental Health Screening: Where Do We Go from Here?

        09/20/04: International Baccalaureate Seminar

        09/11/04: 9/11 Letter to Lawmakers

        09/10/04: Roll Call Vote on Universal Health Screening

        09/08/04: Congressman Offers Amendment on Universal Mental Health

        8/20/04: More on Screening Kids for Mental Health

        8/16/04: An Illusory Math Reform, article by Linda Seebach

        8/09/04: FACT: “School-to-Work” Is Alive and Well!

        8/02/04: Mental Health Merged With NCLB Standards/Tests in Illinois

        7/29/04: The GLOBE Program

        7/17/04: School to Work Moves Forward in Vocational Education Reauthorization

        7/14/04: Universal Mental Health Screening

        7/12/04: Study: Federal Money no Asset to Education

        6/30/04: International Baccalaureate

        6/18/04: Issues and Action in Education

        6/14/04: Radical Activism in Schools, An Update on Service Learning

        6/3/04: D-Day - Action Alert!

        5/27/04: Youth-Led Social Activism

        5/26/04: New Standards: Improvement Over the Profile but still flawed

        5/20/04: Closing MN's 2004 Legislative Session

        EdWatch Academic Standards Website

        5/11/04: Progress Report at the Capitol

        5/10/04: Michael Chapman to Speak at Upcoming Worldview Conference in Hermantown, MN

        5/10/04: Friday, May 21 - An evening with Bev Eakman

        5/7/04: What is "Service Learning," and why should you be concerned about it?

        5/2/04: Edited Transcript of the Confirmation Hearing on Commissioner Yecke

        5/2/04: Testimony in Support of Commissioner Yecke by Austin School Board Chair, Kathy Green

        4/28/04: Alert: Senate DFL Committee Votes No to Commissioner Yecke

        4/27/04: Civil Liberties of Nonprofits at Risk?

        4/26/04: Assault on America Continued - A Response to Erich Martel - "Why the Maple River Coalition is Wrong"

        4/22/04: Minnesota Legislative Report

        4/13/04: Commissioner Confirmation - State standards

        4/7/04: Buy Stillwater! Support Bachmann! Boycott Intends to Vote Bachmann Out!

        4/5/04: Education Elite Wrote the Kelley Alternative Standards

        3/30/04: The Kelley Social Studies Standards

        3/26/04: "National Experts" Review of the Minnesota Social Studies Standards

        3/22/04: House Gives Up Ground on Social Studies Standards

        3/21/04: Drafts "Appear From Nowhere" in the Senate

        3/12/04: Capitol Report

        3/12/04: Capitol Day Photos

        Minority Report - A Call for Common Ground on Evolution (pdf)

        Assault on America: Undermining the Declaration of Independence

        Proposed Social Studies: Excerpts of Review From John Fonte (pdf)

        Critics Would Teach About an Oppressive America (pdf)

        Poll - What Parents Want Their Kids to Learn About America

        3/10/04: Substantive changes made in the “third draft” to the Citizen Committee proposed Social Studies Standards

        3/4/04: EdWatch Urges Senate to Confirm Education Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke

        2/28/04: Bachmann Bill to Opt-Out of No Child Left Behind Passes Senate Education Committee

        2/28/04: Zogby poll: Teach scientific controversy of evolution

        2/23/04: Zogby Poll Shows MN's Support Teaching Scientific Evidence Against Evolution

        2/23/04: DFL Leaders Attack Commissioner Yecke Over the Standards

        2/23/04: Committee Hearing on the "Third Draft" of the Social Studies Standards

        2/23/04: Senate committee unanimously passes MN withdrawal from NCLB

        2/22/04: View the 2004 MN Student Survey - Primary Level

        2/16/04: Follow-up on the "Third Draft" Alert

        2/6/04: Review of the California Academic Standards

        2/4/04: The facts, ma'am, just the facts...social activism in standards

        2/1/04: Backlash builds against No Child Left Behind

        2/2/04: Parental Consent Now Required for MN Student Survey (MSS)

        1/30/04: Parental Consent Requested for 2004 Minnesota Student Survey

        1/29/04: Science Testimony by Dr. Karen Effrem before the Senate and House Education Committees

        1/29/04: Testimony presented by Michael J. Chapman before the Senate and House Education Committees

        1/29/04: The Battle for Social Studies by Michael J. Chapman

        1/28/04: The Minnesota Senate Hearings: Social Studies

        1/25/04: Global Education

        1/23/04: Opportunity to Improve Teaching of Evolution and Avoid Extremes Should Not Be Missed

        1/21/04: Professors Support Academic Standards for History and Civics - Pt2

        1/21/04: Professors Support Academic Standards for History and Civics

        1/9/04: What You Should Know About the Stanford 9

        1/19/04: "Cooperative learning can backfire"

        1/16/04: The "New" SAT and the Movement Toward a National Curriculum

        1/16/04: To the Legislature: Accept the Proposed Standards

        1/16/04: Senate & House Hearings on Academic Standards

        1/16/04: Sample Parental Consent Form

        1/3/04: Standards' panel deserves thanks

        1/3/04: 'No Child Left Behind' Meets Resistance