2003 EdWatch Updates

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2003 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

        12/26/03: STW & Career Technical Education

        12/23/03: Plymouth Day of Mourning; Yecke & Kelley on MPR; Historians Not the Sole Keepers of our Nation's Past
        12/19/03: EdWatch Issues Cautious Praise for Final Academic Standards

        12/10 /03: Govt. Role: Securing the Unalienable Rights vs. Promoting the Common Good

        12/9/03: Before getting to critical thinking, students need facts

        12/8/03: Print and distribute our Academic Standards Alert! (pdf)

        11/28/03: "Math Scores" by Charles Lewis

        11/29/03: Is The Curriculum Biased? A Statement of the National Association of Scholars

        11/20/03: Comparison of Traditional and Progressive Education Models

        11/19/03: NAEP Results Confirms Compliance with National "Fuzzy Math" Standards

        11/13/03: Haunted by Profile's ghost

        11/12/03: Critics would teach about an oppressive America

        11/12/03: Teaching American Values - Social Studies Review from John Fonte

        11/11/03: Commissioner Yecke, tear down this wall (of ignorance)!

        11/10/03: EdWatch Calls for Academic and Balanced Science Standards

        11/1/03: Comments on Draft Science Standards

        10/31/03: Public Opposes Anti-American Academic Standards

        10/30/03: Kids as Investments

        10/28/03: Come to the Review of Draft Standards

        10/24/03: Who is the CCE Coordinator for your state?

        10/22/03: Science Standards Matter

        10/21/03: Hearings on New Academic Standards

        10/20/03: Commentary on Baby Ed by Dr. Karen Effrem

        10/20/03: Quotes and References from Early Childhood Testimony

        10/16/03: Bad Education Appointee

        10/1 3/03: This and more from the Apple Valley standards hearing

        10/10/03: School-to-Work Alive and Well

        10/7/03: From the DC Trenches: Worse Than Our Nightmares

        10/7/03: Audit Faults Oversight of Career Program Effectiveness

        10/2/03: DC Conference Pushes "New Civics"

        10/2/03: Attendees at Conference on Civic Education Hosted by the CCE

        9/30/03: Response to Charles Quigley's Letter

        9/30/03: Charles Quigley, from CCE, Responds to Criticism of "We The People"

        9/23/03: Education Cartel Weighs in on New Standards

        9/15/03: The Public Hearings Begin

        9/14/03: View Academic Standards and give comments online

        9/14/03: See Critique of Minnesota Draft Science Standards by Ross Olson

        9/14/03: Sample letter to Congress

        9/12/03: Transformational Education by Michael J. Chapman (.pdf)

        8/28/03: The Child Medication Safety Act (HR 1170/S 1390)

        8/28/ 03: FedEd in MN Classrooms: SLC's Preparing Workers for a State Planned Economy

        8/28/03: Testimony on Child Medication in the Schools by Dr. Effrem

        7/29/03: Securing the Unalienable Rights vs. Promoting the Common Good

        7/29 /03: Traditional v. Radical: Two Competing Worldviews

        7/29/03: Analysis of Virginia Standards for Civics, Economics, History and Geography

        7/10/03: Sponsors of HR 1078

        7/7/03: Beware the New Civics

        6/29/03: Priority! Minnesota Academic Standards

        6/27/03: Academic Standards and The Federal Curriculum

        6/23/03: Upcoming Conference: Worldview War in the Classroom

        6/16/03: Grandstanding about Profile doesn't help

        6/13/03: Applications Needed for Standards Committees

        6/9/03: Session Summary

        6/5/03: Gross, Grosser, and Grossest: How Far Have We Sunk in Children's Literature?

        6/5/03: First-Hand Experience With a Planned Economy

        6/3/03: When the Monkeys Came Back: Educating Environmentalists

        5/27/03: Ethics Curriculum Shows There's Also a Marketplace of Ideas

        5/22/03: Text of Profile Repeal Bill

        5/22/03: Profile of Learning: Rest in Peace

        5/21/03: Rally to Celebrate the Defeat of the Profile!

        5/21/03: Profile of Learning Repealed!

        5/20/03: Minnesota Legislature Repeals the Profile of Learning

        5/13/03: Stevenson Tells How Ivan Studies

        5/13/03: Telltale Characteristics to Look for in Suspect Curriculum

        5/13/03: New K-12 standards hobbled from the start (Star TribuneArticle)

        5/12/03: Profile Goes to Conference Committee

        5/5/03: ACT NOW! DFLers in Senate Pass Profile Clone

        4/30/ 03: KARE Finds Questionable Spending at Department of Education

        4/28/03: Saying "NO" to MCA's

        4/25/03: Alert & FAQ on "Tax Free Twilight Zones"

        4/25/03: Tax Free Zones: Twilight of the Free Market Economy

        4/16/03: Profile Clone moves to Senate Floor

        4/16/03: Brainwashing Preschool Peaceniks

        4/14/03: MN Chamber Backs POL

        4/14/03: House and Senate Committees Say "NO" to NCLB

        4/4/03: Should Minnesota Repeal or Tweak the Profile of Learning?

        4/4/03: Character Education

        3/28/03: Senate Voting Record

        3/26/03: Senate DFL Rejects Profile Repeal

        3/24/03: Kelley's Monster Mother-of-all-Profiles!

        3/24/03: MREdCo Announces Statewide Media Campaign

        3/15/03: Review of Academic Standards

        3/15/03: Re-Authorizing WIA

        3/10/03: More on Senator Kelley's Profile Clone

        3/9/03: Senate File 639: View the "Profile Clone" for Yourself

        3/6/03: Profile Update: The Ultimate of Arrogance

        3/3/03: Senate Offers Profile Clone

        2/19/03: Profile Repeal Passes House in Landslide

        2/19/ 03: House File 2: Bill to Eliminate the Profile of Learning

        2/16/03: Parental Involvement in Education

        2/5/03: A Letter: What about private & home schools?

        2/3/03: Re-funding Special Ed (IDEA)

        1/31/03: Repealing MN's Profile of Learning

        1/29/03: Hearing on HF 2, "Repeal of the Profile of Learning"

        1/20/03: What state tests are required?

        1/19/03: MREdCo Applauds Pawlenty's Education Appointment

        1/16/03: National Standards is a Federal Curriculum

        1/14/03: Eden Prairie school board hears parents' views on reform math curriculum

        1/11/03: Capitol Lobby Day Huge Success

        1/10/03: Anti-Profile Group Sees Victory Ahead

        1/9/03: No Child Left Behind: What Is It?

        1/02/03: States argue schools can't measure up

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