2002 EdWatch Updates

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2002 Updates from most recent to earliest:

        12/9/02: Math "Reform?" - Part II

        12/8/02: Math "Reform?" - Part I

        11/29/02: A Changed Political Climate

        11/9/02: 2002 Election Review

        2002 Election News

        11/02 : The CFL Wishes You a Politically Correct Thanksgiving!

        10/7/02: Governor Election - Penny Politics

        10/24/02: Report on "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB)

        9/28/02: Do You Support? An Intrusive 10th Grade History Assignment in White Bear Lake

        9/26/02: Testimony from Restoring America on the Implementation of the WIA

        9/26/02: Testimony from Michael Chapman on the Implementation of the WIA

        09/26/02: Letter Threatens Objecting Students

        9/26/02: Assessed for Bias

        9/25/02: Brochure: Minnesota's Profile of Learning - What is it?

        9/25/02: Minnesota Is Plugged Into The Fed's School-To-Work Blueprint

        9/24/02: Staffing Services Industry Under Fire

        9/6/02: Challenging the Profile of Learning

        9/6/02: U.S. Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness

        9/6/02: The NEA's "Diversity Guidelines" for 9/11

        8/29/02: Teaching to the Test

        8/30/02: Recommendations for Minnesota Education Standards

        8/27/02: Private Schools and the Federal Curriculum

        7/26/02: "Radical IDEAs" on Special Education from the President's Commission

        7/21/02: Minnesota's Profile of Learning: What Is It?

        7/8/02: Hearing on Child Mental Health Legislation Scheduled

        7/5/02: Perverting the SAT

        7/1/02: Child Mental Health Legislation: Part 2

        7/02: Legislative Overview and Update

        6/26/02: Child Mental Health Legislation: Part 1

        6/4/02: Star Tribune: Profile of Learning Brings Graduation Woes

        5/28/02: Mere Creatures of the State?

        5/23/02: "Let Our Mothers Go!"

        5/22/02: Pro-Profile Senator Loses Party Endorsement

        5/20/02: Drumbeat Grows for Universal Preschool

        5/17/02: Workforce Socialism

        5/16/02: Profile Gets Failing Grade

        5/9/02: No Graduation for Those Without a Life Long learning Plan

        5/6/02: STW Commentary, Eden Prairie News

        5/2/02: Problematic Profile of Learning

        4/25/02: Forcing Diversity Into the Classroom and Parents Out

        4/23/02: Collecting Personal Data on Students

        4/22/02: MN Senate Votes 33 - 33 to KEEP the Profile

        4/21/02: The Profile Comes Under Attack in the Minnesota Legislature

        4/15/02: No Endorsement For Pro-Profile State Senator!

        4/7/02: HF 3270: Example of What Is Really Meant by Streamlining Government

        4/5/02: Central Planning Slips Into Tax Negotiations in St. Paul

        3/29/02: Textbook Politics

        3/18/02: Personal U.S. Student Data to International Agencies: ALERT #3

        3/17/02: After Shocks of the Precinct Caucuses!

        3/14/02: Major Data Collection Bill #2 Alert

        3/13/02: ALERT: Major Data Collection Bill, HR 3801 #1 Alert

        3/11/02: Mike Chapman's Overview of the School-to-Work system

        2/23/02: 8th grade careers in St. Paul

        2/21/02: Does the "Repeal" of Goals 2000 Mean Anything?

        2/1/02: HR1/S1 is a Continuation of Goals 2000/School-to-Work

        1/24/02: MrEdCo Calls Alarm!

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