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A big thank you to all of the candidates invested themselves in their races and took the time to return our survey!

Statewide Candidates

        Elected! Tim Pawlenty
        Lawrence Aeshliman

Attorney General
        Tom Kelly

Secretary of State
        Elected! Elected! Mary Kiffmeyer

State Auditor
        Elected! Pat Anderson Awada

Congressional Candidates

        Congressional District 4: Clyde Billington

        Congressional District 5: David Mathias

        Congressional District 5: Tim Davis

        Elected! Congressional District 6: Mark Kennedy

        Congressional District 7: Dan Stevens

Legislative Races
Listed numerically by district order

        House District 1B: Lonn Kiel

        Senate District 2: Steven Booth
        Elected! House District 2B: Doug Lindgren

        House District 3B: Catherine McLynn

        Elected! House District 4A: Doug Fuller

        House District 5B: Jim Collins

        Senate District 7: Justin Krych
        House District 7A: Al Johnson
        House District 7B: Mike Jaros

        Senate District 8: Bruce Nelson
        Elected! House District 8B: Judy Soderstrom
        House District 8B: Loren Jennings

        Senate District 9: Brad Monson

        Elected! House District 10A: Bud Nornes

        Senate District 11: George Cassell
        House District 11B: Mary Ellen Otremba

        House District 12B: Debra Copa Nagel

        Senate District 13: Joe Gimse
        Elected! House District 13A: Bud Heidgerken
        House District 13B: Tom VanEngen

        Elected! House District 14A: Dan Severson
        House District 14A: Tony Muehlbauer

        Elected! Senate District 16: Betsy Wergin
        Elected! House District 16A: Sondra Erickson
        Elected! House District 16B: Mark Olson

        Elected! Senate District 17: Sean Nienow
        Elected! House District 17B: Peter Nelson

        Elected! Senate District 18: Steve Dille
        House District 18B: Phillip Jarman

        Elected! Senate District 19: Mark Ourada
        Elected! House District 19A: Bruce Anderson

        Elected! House District 21A: Marty Seifert
        Elected! House District 21B: Brad Finstad

        Senate District 22: Alex Frick
        Elected! House District 22B: Elaine Harder

        House District 23B: Salomon Orellana
        House District 23B: Dean Kluge

        Elected! Senate District 24: Julie Rosen
        Elected! House District 24A: Bob Gunther
        Elected! House District 24B: Tony Cornish

        Elected! Senate District 25: Tom Neuville

        Elected! Senate District 26: Dick Day

        Senate District 28: Gary Iocco
        House District 28B: Scott Metcalf

        Elected! House District 29A: Randy Demmer
        Elected! House District 29B: Fran Bradley

        Senate District 30: Lynn Zaffke
        Elected! House District 30B: Bill Kuisle

        Elected! Senate District 31: Bob Kierlin
        Elected! House District 31A: Gene Pelowski

        Elected! Senate District 32: Warren Limmer
        Senate District 32: Angela Mitchell
        Elected! House District 32B: Rich Stanek

        Elected! Senate District 34: Julianne Ortman
        Elected! House District 34A: Paul Kohls
        Elected! House District 34B: Joe Hoppe

        Elected! House District 35A: Mike Beard
        Elected! House District 35B: Mark Buesgens

        Elected! Senate District 36: Pat Pariseau
        Elected! House District 36B: Steve Strachan

        Elected! Senate District 37: David Knutson
        House District 37A: Andrew Ward

        Elected! Senate District 38: Mike McGinn

        Senate District 39: John Trojack
        House District 39A: Brian McClung
        House District 39B: Bob Pollock

        Senate District 41: Tom Cleland

        Elected! Senate District 42: David Hann
        Elected! House District 42A: Peter Adolphson

        Elected! Senate District 43: David Gaither
        Elected! House District 43A: Jeff Johnson
        House District 43B: Ron Abrams

        Senate District 44: Daniel Freeman
        Senate District 44: Rahn Workcuff

        Senate District 45: Rebekah Adams

        House District 45B: Mike Barnett
        House District 45B: Lyndon Carlson

        Senate District 46: Ed Nelson
        House District 46B: Mary Galen O'Connor

        Elected! House District 47B: Stephanie Olsen

        Elected! Senate District 48: Mike Jungbauer
        Elected! House District 48B: Jim Abeler

        Elected! House District 49A: Chris DeLaForest
        Elected! House District 49B: Kathy Tingelstad

        Senate District 51: Phil Heir
        Elected! House District 51A: Andy Westerberg
        House District 51B: Harold Holmstrom

        Elected! Senate District 52: Michele Bachmann
        Elected! House District 52A: Ray Vandeveer

        Elected! Senate District 53: Mady Reiter

        Senate District 54: Mark Zasadny

        House District 55A: Jan Steiner
        House District 55B: Bret Walsh

        Elected! Senate District 56: Brian LeClair
        Elected! House District 56A: Eric Lipman

        Senate District 57: Kip Knippel
        House District 57A: Anita Sandborgh

        House District 58A: Dan Niesen
        House District 58B: Larissa Presho

        Senate District 59: Steve Sumner

        Senate District 61: Steve Braa
        House District 61A: Kevin Trainor
        House District 61B: Robert Anderson

        Senate District 62: Kelly Bailey
        House District 62A: Orlando Ochoada
        House District 62B: Ronald Moey

        Senate District 63: Vern Wilcox
        House District 63A: Tim Erlander
        House District 63B: Marc Sullivan

        House District 66A: Greg Copeland
        House District 66B: Andy Carlson

        Senate District 67: Dave Racer
        House District 67B: Ken Lehman