Profile of Learning

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What You Can Do
        Priority! Minnesota Academic Standards

        Rally to Celebrate the Defeat of the Profile!
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        Minnesota Academic Standards Committee: Schedule of Public Meetings
        Senate DFL Rejects Profile Repeal

Profile is Repealed!
        6/27/03: Academic Standards and The Federal Curriculum
        6/16/03: Grandstanding about Profile doesn't help
        5/24/03: View photos from Profile Elimination Celebration
        5/23/03: Text of Profile Repeal Bill
        5/23/03: Profile of Learning: Rest in Peace
        5/22/03: Rally to Celebrate the Defeat of the Profile!
        5/21/03: Profile of Learning Repealed!
        5/20/03: The Profile of Learning Has Breathed Its Last!!
        5/12/03: Profile Goes to Conference Committee: Education in Minnesota hangs in the Balance

Profile in the Senate
        5/07/03: Kersten Reviews MN Senate Standards
        5/05/03: DFLers in Senate Pass Profile Clone
        4/30/03: Profile Showdown this Friday!
        4/17/03: Profile Clone moves to Senate Floor Narrowly Passes Senate Committee
        4/14/03: Chamber Backs Profile of Learning:
       4/8/03: Should Minnesota Repeal or Tweak the Profile of Learning?
        3/24/03: The Profile of Learning - AGAIN - What You Can Do!
        3/15/03: Review of the Minnesota Academic Standards
        3/10/03: More on Senator Kelley's Profile Clone
        3/9/03: Senate File 639: View the "Profile Clone" for Yourself
        3/6/03: Profile Update: Utlimate Arrogance!
        3/03/03: Senate Offers Profile Clone
        1/31/03: Same Book, Different Cover? or, "No, Thanks" to a Profile Clone

Profile in the House
        2/19/03: Profile Repeal Passes House in Landslide
        2/19/03: House File 2: Bill to Eliminate the Profile of Learning

What is the Profile?
        9/25/02: Brochure: Minnesota's Profile of Learning: What is it?
        05/31/02: A Sample Project From the Profiles of Learning
        11/19/02: DCFL Wishes You A Politically Correct Thanksgiving
        9/26/02: Mahtomedi High School Students Assessed for Bias
        9/26/02: Letter Threatens Objecting Students in Mahtomedi
        6/4/02: Star Tribune: Profile of Learning Brings Graduation Woes
        5/30/02: A Teacher's Experience With the Profile of Learning
        5/29/02: Profile Debated in Conference Committee
        5/2/02: Problematic Profile of Learning
        4/25/02: Forcing Diversity Into the Classroom and Parents Out
        4/22/02: MN Senate Votes 33 - 33 to KEEP the Profile
        4/21/02: The Profile Comes Under Attack in the Minnesota Legislature